Call of Duty Ghosts live-action with no Xbox logo

Are you pumped up for the release of Call of Duty Ghosts this week? The game is about to launch on consoles and PC, and Activision has decided to wet your appetites further with one more tease. If the recent Call of Duty Ghosts launch trailer wasn’t enough for you, we now have a live-action trailer for you to check out, featuring none other than Megan Fox.

It’s no surprise to see a live-action trailer just hours before Call of Duty Ghosts is due to go live. We see Activision bring in all the big names to pump up interest in their Call of Duty games each year – who could remember the excellent “Noob and the Vet” trailer featuring Jonah Hill and Sam Worthington?

Now, Activision has managed to draft in Megan Fox to star in the latest live-action trailer for Call of Duty Ghosts. She plays the role of a sniper in the ‘Epic Night Out’ clip, but only has a few seconds of screen time. In that time though, she manages to ‘woo’ one of the other soldiers in the clip whilst also taking out one of the Call of Duty Ghosts drones with a pistol.

No doubt that Megan Fox was paid a small fortune for this few seconds of work, but Activision probably won’t care as long as it drives up interest in the game at launch. Megan Fox won’t be appearing in the upcoming Transformers 4 movie, so has Activision possibly found their new A list female star in future trailers? – How would you feel about that if true?

It’s obviously not the best live-action trailer that we have seen to date, but we think the most interesting part of the trailer happens at the end. One thing that we usually see at the end of every Call of Duty trailer, but didn’t this time – is an Xbox logo.

We all know that Call of Duty Ghosts DLC is going to be timed-exclusive on the Xbox 360 and Xbox One one again, so where’s the traditional logo at the end? We also have seen Infinity Ward market the PS4 version of the game seemingly more than they have done with the Xbox One version of the game.

Something that needs a closer look at, or just a one-off this time we wonder? Watch the clip for yourself and let us know why you think there is no Xbox logo this time around.



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