Batman Arkham Origins PS3, Xbox 360 patch after falling bug

By Alan Ng - Nov 3, 2013

How are you getting on with your current Batman Arkham Origins save file? As we told you in a previous article, there are a number of well-documented problems with the game involving crashes and a loss of data that has caused a considerable amount of frustration to angry gamers.

One thing that you don’t do after releasing Batman Arkham Origins – a game that features a new developer after the usual Rocksteady, is release the game too early if it is not completely ready.

Unfortunately, it looks like Batman Arkham Origins may be in danger of having fallen into that trap. A lot of gamers are having problems with the game and it has now prompted Warner Bros to make an official apology on the matter.

The company has detailed a long blog post on their website, highlighting the most severe problems that gamers have been encountering. These include one particular and inexcusable ‘infinite loop’ bug where Batman continues to fall endlessly, preventing the mission from being completed.

It’s just one of many unfortunately, but the good news is that a patch is on the way. Located in the middle of Warner Bros’ statement is confirmation that fixes will be coming sometime during this week. That means that we may be seeing the Batman Arkhams Origins 1.2 patch on PS3 and Xbox 360 platforms very soon.

If you have been having problems with the game, it’s a good idea to read through the whole thing above. Let us know what your current issue is and if you have encountered the infinite falling bug as highlighted above.

We couldn’t help but ask: Would this have happened if Rocksteady were in charge? Check out the amusing, but painful bug in action below.

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  • justanothermike

    I don’t understand why people aren’t more enraged by this. Here is a medium that you pay for with the intention of playing to completion. The rushed nature of this title which is wrought with bugs makes the game unplayable. If I went to a movie, and the power went out, I would be refunded my $10 ticket price. This is a $60 game! Splash Damage should be absolutely ashamed of themselves and should go into another line of work – perhaps politics – where a simple mea culpa appeases the masses.

  • ty

    I rented the game yesterday and for the first 10 min I was good until it crashed so I had to start over…but it has not happen again. But today I am falling through walls and batman can go through buildings and doors. I am now thinking omg so I turned the ps3 off and restarted and the same thing. Until I went to the challenge maps and it was working and no I went back to the story mode and it was back to normal for now

  • justsaying

    I had a “corrupt save” after I had put hours into the game. Trading it in while it’s still worth some money. With the problems I have had $10 towards GTA 5 seems worth it.

  • Gordon Eatley

    Also, all of the above AND I can’t finish the penguin weapons caches. The last one I did won’t spawn or is invisible

    • jbme

      Is it the one on the boat? If so, you need to open the hanging crate with the grapple gun and the weapon cache is inside. Took me a bit to find that one.

      • Gordon Eatley

        Nah, it’s the one by the horse statue

  • Richard Knepp

    I have experienced all of the XBox related “glitches”; falling, multiple game crash/freeze, and loss of data. Über frustration! Finished the main story and encountered the “corrupt save” glitch.
    Rocksteady, where are you?