Pokemon X and Y Volcanion could make Blastoise redundant

By Alan Ng - Nov 2, 2013

It looks like every Pokemon fan is really excited about the mystery locations of Volcanion, Diancie and Hoopa in Pokemon X and Y. Earlier this week we showed you images of the three leaked creatures, but now we have another one to show you of Volcanion, the heavily rumored new Fire / Water type that could become the new fan favorite.

So far, Nintendo and Game Freak are keeping silent on the big rumors that are going around, but it does look like all three new Pokemon are legit and it does look like they will be tied to some sort of upcoming event in due course.

As we await details on where to locate these elusive beasts, we have a feeling that most of you may already be looking at Volcanion as your new favorite Pokemon. Its intimidating design has been the subject of talk over the weekend on message boards – notably due to the unusual ring-like features on his back.

Well now, we have another image to show you, which gives you a look at Volcanion using these rings in full force, unleashing what looks to be a massive attack that could be unique to only Volcanion. If you thought mega Blastoise was uninspiring with its water-based moves, just take a look at this attack which could be a combination of water and fire in one move.

Volcanion's regular stance

Volcanion’s regular stance

Who will honestly want to opt for Blastoise as their main choice, if Volcanion can blow Blastoise out of the water (excuse the pun) with stunning attacks like the one seen here? Let’s hope that we see some Pokemon X and Y Volcanion gameplay footage soon to get a better idea.

Do you agree that Blastoise will be made redundant if Volcanion lives up to the early hype? Give us your thoughts on what that attack seen above could be.

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  • guy

    someone hacked in as, like, the only pokémon available in salatune forest or something…

  • Anonymous

    I don’t believe Volcanion or Hoopa are legit. Diance’s already been approved right. But to me if you look at the second pic with volcanion his level is too low. It more than likely that this was shopped in some way. But if it is legit it’s probably a legendary, like Diance. Also aa for the megas in my opinion mega Agron,Tyranitar and mawile are the hardest. (after the mega mewtwos.) I do see the others often and I’ve beaten every single one with ease. But the three listed above are the ones I’ve had the most trouble with. But its all matter of opinion isn’t it…

    • Anonymous

      As for mega blaziken, mega lucario, and megaa gengar. They are too over used and easily destroyed by mega charizard y’s attacks.

  • xyrule

    what about delphox

  • Kennithdown


  • Devante

    Volcanion would buss up blastoise for one it does outshine with moves like mega blastoise has 3 cannons and dosent use any and just uses its mouth where as volcanion uses its pipe thing so he is legit and awesome.Also think about it his signature move fire and water combines mind blown and its only weak to ground rock and electric

  • LordZekorm

    Volcanion may be able to outshine Blastoise in its specialty, but they each will have their own niche. (Mega) Blastoise has decent defensive capabilities, and rapid spin. However, it has a pretty predictable movepool, and plus its ability kind of sucks. There are also so many other better mega evos to take the slot like Mega Aggron and the deadly three.
    Volcanion probably won’t have the bulk that mega Blastoise has, but i’m assuming that he will have a something near base 130 SP. attack. Volcanion looks like very slow based on its stocky appearance and probably won’t be outspeeding very many other Pokes, but will probably have decent bulk. Fire/water also provides amazing coverage, as it’s practically unresisted except for dragons like Goodra. I’m thinking he’ll also have a signature move that has two simultaneous types of Fire/Water like Hawlucha did. Hopefully Game(Troll)Freak won’t screw up this amazing concept for a Pokemon.

    • Derek Biggs

      What are the deadly 3

      • LordZekorm

        Mega Blaziken, Mega Lucario and Mega Gengar. Arguably the strongest of the mega evos bar Mega Mewtwo X and Y.

        • MasterSquiggle

          Make that 4 with Mega Mawile. 108 Base Attack when it mega evolves, coupled with Huge Power and Swords Dance and buffs to both defences to boot. Steel / Fairy typing too. If it gets Play Rough, then Mega Mawile is going to be a premium sweeper this gen, and i’m surprised you didn’t consider it.

        • LordZekorm

          Ah, you’ve got a point. Forgot about that one. Yes, this little beast will be frequenting WiFi for quite a while now. However I’ve only seen the mentioned three used competitively the most, and had the most trouble countering them. Although steel/fairy typing is something to be reckoned with.

          There are a couple things that are hindering Mega Mawile, however. A lacking HP stat, an exploitable 95 sp. def and it retains its slowness. Charizard Y and Mega Houndoom, which I’ve seen a lot will be the ones hitting its special defense with fire attacks in the sun which are certain to OHKO or 2HKO, and even its relatively large 125 defense will not be surviving a flare blitz from the ever so common Mega Blaziken, especially considering that pitiful hp stat. Not to mention it will not be out speeding anything unless you’re utilizing trick room or running sucker punch, which to me is unreliable.

          Don’t get me wrong, it is still a scary sweeper, but still has its weakspots that are hard to cover.

        • godofpokemon678

          What about mega alakazam

        • LordZekrom

          While Megazam has slightly better sp. atk and speed, Its psychic typing is sort of outclassed by fairy type, which manages to imitate psychic’s niche and even more. So although the psychic type is good, there are other fairy types that can do the same job and not take a precious mega evo slot for your team.

          Its sp. atk and speed make it very deadly, but gengar has much better uses. Gengar has slightly better defense an HP than Megazam, which isn’t saying much except that he has a better chance of surviving a hit. While trace can be cool, it can also be somewhat unpredictable and unreliable. Shadow tag allows gengar to trapkill with little stopping it. Poison will also be essential to counter the dangerous fairy types that lurk in the metagames, and gengar will be a number one threat to them.

          Megazam doesn’t have much going for it besides High speed and huge Sp. atk. Life orb alakazam might be more useful.