Latest PS4 vs. Xbox One sales figures misleads

By Peter Chubb - Nov 2, 2013

It’s rather annoying when you see headlines suggesting that PS4 and Xbox One sales figures are falling even before they have been released to the public. We would just like to point out that these figures are misleading, as they are for eBay sold listings.

Okay, so we know the article itself is based on the eBay listings, but they should have made this clear from the start in the title, and not tried to mislead people to suggest that sales of the Sony PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Xbox One have started to drop off already.

Having said that, the article itself is a rather interesting one because it does show that gamers who cannot get hold of a PS4 or Xbox One on day one of their launch have taken to eBay, even if it means paying way over the top, with some prices being around 45 percent over the list price – and we thought the markup on the 2014 Corvette Stingray was huge.

It does seem as though some gamers have wised up to this and thought the price increase for a PS4 and Xbox One on eBay was too high and have now come to their senses. We say this because sellers on eBay have noticed those pre-order sales have started to fall by 12 to 14 percent.

Do you think these figures will increase again the closer we get to Christmas, and how much would you be willing to pay for a next-gen console for your child or yourself?

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  • Matthew Sizemore

    All I know is the Wii U will be the must have console come Christmas and will outsell both PS4 and Xbox One. I do have a PS4 pre ordered but only because playstation brand has been good to me in the past and I expect it to get some great games in the coming years but as of right now I’d rather have super mario 3d world than every game announced for PS4 and XBone combined.

  • 911nvfg

    have had my ps4 up on ebay with extra controler and BF4 for 800 and not only have I have no watchers but really making me wonder should I buy it and wait till christmas to sell it or should I just cancle it at this point its just waiting to see if sony wil come out with more stock befor christmas or not cause I would like to make some money to pay for the xbone yes ill be getting the xbone cause most friends will be there as I would like to play with friends and I like the controlers better but if I wanted to get something to play by myself iwould get the P$4 or maybe ill just keep both and let the wife yell at me so I can play both console exclusives yea thats something I dont want to deal with