iOS 7.0.3 crashing and iPad Air flickering problems

By Peter Chubb - Nov 2, 2013

Having already reported on the iPad battery problems for those updated to iOS 7.0.3, it seems that is not the only issue with Apple’s tablet following the update. However, it is the iPad Air that seems to be suffering the most, but we cannot be certain how big of a concern this is.

Before we get onto the iPad Air, there have been reports that some people have experienced iOS 7.0.3 crashes, and not one but several times a day for some iPhone and iPad owners. One user said that he “pulled the notification menu down and my iPhone rebooted itself, this happened three times in the same day.”

There are also instances when the iPhone does not respond at all, even when on the lock screen and you try to press a button. Some users have said that the iOS 7.0.3 crash issue happens when running apps in the background or multitasking, but we’d like to know if you have experienced these issues?

iPad Air flickering problems with iOS 7.0.3

iPad Air flickering problems with iOS 7.0.3

Back to the iPad Air, there are two problems as far as we are away, and that is a flickering of the screen and choppy text. The flickering problem could be happening on games that require more from the graphics, but then this should not be an issue with the new CPU and GPU. If you do not believe us then check out the video below, where you can clearly see a graphics glitch on the iPad Air running Asphalt 8.

As for the text, it seems as though some users are seeing choppy text on their iPad Airs, much like you used to see on non-Retina iPads. One iOS device owner said “this could just be a software issue since the update,” but then again his iPad 3 was running the new software and did not have this issue.

We have to wonder if there is a manufacturing issue with the new iPad Air display because we know the screen is much thinner than before?

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  • Rebecca

    I have had my ipad air for two weeks. This is the second one I’ve had. The first one, I returned a week later because I noticed the screen flashes black on and off for seconds at a time during its use. They returned it and gave me a new one. This one is doing the exact same thing. I’ve done some research and can’t seem to find anyone else with this issue…..hoping someone out there knows what’s up?

  • We are now testing our 2nd (replacement) iPad Air here at miApples ..
    But STILL crashing in all areas same as before on previous iPad Air & also on iPads v 2 & 3 & iPhone 4 since the swap over to iOS 7 & even worse in 7.03, 7.04 & now with iOS 7.1 beta the iPad Air is almost unusable.
    Let’s see if Apple is taking notice of crash logs being auto sent to them by the millions.
    We PRAY for an over all fix .. DESPERATELY as it’s a BEAUTIFUL machine to behold.
    miApples – Smart Tech

  • raregrit

    My iPad Air 128GB WIFI has graphical issues.
    In Tunnel Town the menus are so small you can hardly see them and the screen flickers on some menus.
    In Megapolis HD the graphics are so small it’s hard to see what anything is (you can’t zoom in enough).
    Also my WIFI drops out when other devices are still connected with no problems.

  • Fibbyspin

    My iPhone wont unlock screen or turn off since, iso 7.0.3 update, any ideas?
    Can’t answer calls or text.

  • M

    I got the new Ipad air on November 1st, the batterie last arround 4 hours and some apps crash, I went to the store and they give me a new one but the problem is still there, it has to be the IOS

    • Mick stevens

      I got mine on nov 5th and charged it up that day and its still showing 53% its had constant use from 7pm to midnight for last two nights, i was just thinking how good the battery is

  • Mary

    Since updating my iPad to IOS 7.0.3, my emails show I have 15,000 emails. When I went to the Genius Bar today at the apple store, they said it was a glitch with IOS 7. While I was there, the tech kept pressing the Home button and it stopped working. In addition, Siri now will not work correctly. Both my Home button and Siri worked fine before going to Apple today.
    Are these all problems with the new upgrade??

  • FTdad

    My iPhone 5s crashes (and does a quick restart) several times a day since upgrading to 7.0.3. Usually (maybe always) right after I wake it and unlock it with my fingerprint.

    • Stonegyrl

      This has happend once with my iphone5c and 4xs so far with my iPad mini. Please fix apple!!!

    • Tom P

      My iphone 5s crashes and restarts randomly throughout the day no matter the app or task. This is my second 5s as I just had the old one replaced at an apple store for doing the same thing..

  • Phil A

    Well, I’ve had my iPad Air 4 days now, my very first Apple product (bought UK – 1st November) and it has crashed. It froze during the loading of Dropbox so I could view my cached photos – not connected to web at the time – the screen has gone totally blank. It will not switch on anymore, it is completely dead, Coincidentally, I think it must have a hardware issue, so it’s back to the retailer in the morning – not impressed with my first iPad.

  • Harshad

    I just got an iPhone 5s here in Dubai and it hung a couple of times as I was entering information in the browser. I was feeling really elated having bought it on the first day of its release here but now I am a bit nervous about it! I thought updating to 7.0.3 would solve it all and hence I started downloading. Now I am reading all horrid experiences and beginning to wonder what I’ve got myself into. Apple, you better live up to our expectations!

  • Paul

    I just got the iPad air on the first of november and I have been having issues with it. So far, what I’ve noticed is that when you quickly switch applications with the 4-finger swipe, if you do it fast enough, the ipad will “reboot” itself. Not really reboot, but the apple logo comes up, and you have to wait a few seconds for it to go back to normal. Also when you click on the “Wallpapers & Brightness” button two times in a row, you’ll be sent back to the home screen… that one’s kind of random, but I noticed it. So far… I might return it if it doesn’t get fixed up~

  • james

    IPad3 on 5.1, I haven’t seen a reason to “upgrade”, as every iOS released since then has been full of bugs. I wonder if there will ever be a release that’s been tested by Apple rather than expecting their customers to test.

  • ishdah

    my iphone 5 shuts down completely several times a day and its asks me to plug it when i try to turn it back on like as if the batt is drained. and once its plugged, it opens at 30% or 40% batt life. when i try to use it again through some apps it shuts off again. i never had problems before not even with my 3gs and 4 not until i updated my 5 to ios 7.0.3. does anyone experiencing the same problem as mine?

    • User

      Yes. Exactly the same symptoms. 30% then off.

      • Jörgen Grundström

        I bought my ipad air yesterday and today it crashed. I was downloading a training app and the screen went black. I could not turn it on and it is completely dead. Contacted the store here in Sweden and they told me to come in with the ipad. My first Apple product, not a good first impression…