GTA V Phoenix car online location

- Nov 1, 2013

Have you been wondering where the GTA V Phoenix car location is in the online game? If so, then we want to help a few of Product Reviews readers out with another video showing you the car in action thanks to some gameplay along with a map of its location.

There are plenty of secret and rare cars in Grand Theft Auto V online and the Phoenix is one of our favorites (even if it’s really easy to track down). We have already detailed locations for the Bullet GT/Vapid car, Surano Benefactor, Sultan RS and Benefactor Feltzer that are all much more rare than the Phoenix in our opinion.

If you haven’t seen the Phoenix car in GTA V online, then take a look at the video below to find its location, although we should point out that many of our readers won’t need a walkthrough thanks to this being one of the easiest sports cars to find and certainly not one of the rarest.

How easy do you manage to find the GTA V Phoenix car location? Did you need a video to help you find it in the online mode?

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  • Peet182

    It locates the phoenix but you cannot store it in garage, so doesn’t work sadly. Maybe R* patched it?

  • devil

    who ever find the phoenix please send me a friend request gamer tag: devilbarden09