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Pokemon X and Y secrets unsolved

How are you getting on with your Pokemon X and Y adventure so far? For those that have already completed the game, there are still many Pokemon X and Y secrets that Game Freak has planted in the game that you may not know about.

We have a fantastic video to show you now, which gives you an idea of just some of the mysteries in Pokemon X and Y that you may have missed. Just earlier today we told you about the super rare new Pokemon that have just been revealed in the form of Volcanion, Diancie and Hoopa.

As we await further details on whether these Pokemon will be coming via a special event, we have some other mysteries to show you which you may be trying to solve. They come courtesy of respected Pokemon fan TamashiiHiroka and her YouTube channel which currently has an impressive subscriber count of just under 200,000 users.

Some of the mysteries involve Sycamore’s Surprise, which relates to a hidden surprise left somewhere in the city. Watch the video to find out where to locate it and just what information Professor Sycamore left for gamer’s to find.

Another secret to obtain and locate involves the Editor in Chief mystery, which sends players off on a wild goose chase to locate a ‘mythical’ Pokemon. Some gamers think it may be in reference to Zygarde hidden in Terminus Cave, while others actually believe that it could be a brand new legendary Pokemon that hasn’t even been discovered yet.

It’s a very interesting video to check out if you are currently searching for Pokemon X and Y secrets. Watch it below and let us know if you have found any secrets that we should know about.



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