Pokemon X and Y a wild Mew appears, but location unknown

By Alan Ng - Nov 1, 2013

Forget the latest Pokemon X and Y secrets regarding Volcanion, Diancie and Hoopa. It looks like we could have the most exciting rumor to share with you now. Screenshots have emerged, suggesting that Mew is actually hidden inside Pokemon X and Y. The elusive #151 Pokemon looks amazing in the wild, but is it real?

It obviously doesn’t take long to conjure up a faked and authentic-looking image using Photoshop, but there appears to be some strength behind these pictures that could offer some promise on the possibility of Mew actually being in Pokemon X and Y.

We told you recently that Volcanion, Diancie and Hoopa had been discovered thanks to one user hacking his copy of the game and finding file names for the three mentioned Pokemon. The #719, #720 and #721 entries then went live on Serebii’s Pokedex adding more strength to the rumors and it looks like the same individual is responsible for finding the first game files on Mew.

That person is Smea and he has been revealing details on his findings via his Twitter account. The screenshots you see here are provided by him. The first shows a picture of a level 4 Mew in the wild during a random Pokemon encounter, while the second apparently shows Mew’s form when using the Pokemon Aime application.

Is Mew in the game?!

Is Mew in the game?!

If this is true, then this is obviously an amazing find. Where do we find Pokemon X and Y Mew’s location though, that’s what everyone will want to know. Are Game Freak keeping Mew locked away for an upcoming Pokemon event, or is Mew hidden in an area of the game that is accessible now, but just that nobody has cracked the secret?

Enjoy this great rumor for now as we await for more details. Give us your thoughts on Mew possibly being in the game and which location you think Mew could be hiding if true.

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  • pokelover123`

    I want mew sooo bad 🙁

  • Charzard


  • Charzard

    There is no way mew can spawn at level 4 its photoshoped i just know it or he/she an have hacked into the coding then replsace it with the same ones so the game maker or the HQ didnt know.

    • Charzard


  • keegan grubbs

    mew is not in pokemon y just pokemon x that is 1 reason y is harder than x

  • Haiden King

    Its a hack no doubt probably a cheat code with action replay bought for $10 at your local walmart then you can catch any pokemon in the wild or it is real through inside gameplay

  • Sheltiepuppy

    it looks like the level 4 mew is in Santalune Forest…
    I have a friend with mew on her game and I didn’t get to ask her where she got it.. but if I did, I may have gotten the answer to all of this 😐 but there is a possibility that the person may of hacked the game to get the level 4 mew…

  • Tonya Lynn Whaley Miller

    this guy that is hacking the game and giving false hope to my 12 year old son that likes the game. that is not right. there are some people that enjoy playing instead of cheating their way through it

  • Tori

    I know like 5 people with mew. Both regular and shiny. This mew bs is beginning to get annoying.


    I have mewtwo:D… I once found a shiny graveler but… it used self-destruckt and… COME ON MAN!!! IT WAS SHINY TOO!!!!

  • Press l 2 p

    if mew is not in the game how’d all my friends get shiny mew and normal mew ?

  • Pokemon Playa

    It looks fake because 1: The trainers pokemon name is waitwhatisth implying that he/she planned to see the mew and also some one said it was a zoroark but it can’t be because it is called mew it would be called zoroark. It has been rumoured that there will be some sort of event that bring mew into the the game because they would be making a HUGE mistake if hey left mew out of this generation

    • ShinyGiratinaGal

      Now that first part ISNT true. IT ISNT A ZOROARK. I have battled with some one and mew looks EXACTLY like it does in this picture. I dont know how she got the mew… but all i know is this ISNT photoshopped.

    • Xavier Janus Mitchell

      1. It couldn’t be Zoroak because its ability copies the Pokemon last of its party. Its a wild, therfor the ability would not be effective.
      2. When Zoroark ability IS in effect, the name also changes with it.

  • Red98Yoshi

    It’s pretty obvious. All of the Pokemon are in the game because you can transfer Pokemon from EVERY generation (FRLG, HGSS, RSE, DPPt, BW) with Poke Transfer and in case an event or mystery gift pops up

  • Pokemanz

    Looking at the backround it is probably in winding woods with zoroark or in santalune forest


    No, you have to use Strength and push the truck!

  • Allivia Martin

    There is no need for speculation. Every single Pokemon to date is coded within the game so that they can appear once the Bank is released. It’s no surprise that a pro hacker was able to make these Pokemon appear in place of other Pokemon that would’ve originally appeared in Santalune Forest. Therefore, no duh Mew is in the game. So is every other Pokemon. They’re ALL in the coding.

  • Griffin Charles

    Two words. Gameshark or hack.

    • Mathew

      That is three words.

  • bob

    its probbaly like the mew glitch in the original games(and also its probaly on purpose)

    • Red98Yoshi

      Every Pokemon is in X and Y. A ROM hacker cheated to have Mew appear and show the world what his 3D model looks like. I’m sure every Pokemon will get a 3D image in Bulbapedia or something

  • Sean

    Guys its level 4 are you kidding? If there is a mew it will probobly be an event because I garantee you cant find a level 4 mew in the wild

    • Will

      it does look wild in santalune forest, but maybe it isn’t an event, maybe its just a pokemon that appears wild after you beat the elite four.

      • artisticCreeper

        I beat them and have been looking in santalune and the winding woods i havent found it yet :/

  • Bob

    Are they seriously this stupid?

  • Slobber Wing-wang

    This guy is known for hacking. He makes these pokemon come up in the forest. He’s just faking it.

  • Veriloquent

    Every single Pokemon currently in existence will have it’s data in the game, there will eventually be a way to get all Pokemon in the game through events and such the way there always is, finding the data for one doesn’t mean that it is going to be catchable in game just that it is there for when the Pokemon is finally added through an Event.

  • Unknown Bruh

    Okay One if this is Real look at the background if you take a look at it you can see its spotted in the Forest beside the Snow Town Two the FIrst picture looks real but the second picture is in JPEG or something idk xD But yes if it is real search in the Forest Next to the Snow Town

  • >_>

    Or or or…. the hacker did the same thing as he/she did with diancie, volcanion, and hoopa: patch it so mew can appear as a route 2 wild pokemon…

  • John

    Knowing Game Freak they’ll just make it some event giveaway in a year.

  • Evokami

    Looks like the forest at beginning…..
    This is obvious, but is it true?
    Why should it be at the beginning?

    • Kasim Moore

      You get Every Pokemon you need to beat the game in the beginning

    • Sean Hunter Bricker

      That doesn’t prove anything about it’s location if it even has an in game location. The hacker was able to get the 3 new legendary to appear in the forest at measly levels for the sole purpose of seeing them and getting some pictures. This has no validity on if it is a wild Pokemon.

      • SuperStarMC

        I agree with you!