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Pokemon X and Y a wild Mew appears, but location unknown

Forget the latest Pokemon X and Y secrets regarding Volcanion, Diancie and Hoopa. It looks like we could have the most exciting rumor to share with you now. Screenshots have emerged, suggesting that Mew is actually hidden inside Pokemon X and Y. The elusive #151 Pokemon looks amazing in the wild, but is it real?

It obviously doesn’t take long to conjure up a faked and authentic-looking image using Photoshop, but there appears to be some strength behind these pictures that could offer some promise on the possibility of Mew actually being in Pokemon X and Y.

We told you recently that Volcanion, Diancie and Hoopa had been discovered thanks to one user hacking his copy of the game and finding file names for the three mentioned Pokemon. The #719, #720 and #721 entries then went live on Serebii’s Pokedex adding more strength to the rumors and it looks like the same individual is responsible for finding the first game files on Mew.

That person is Smea and he has been revealing details on his findings via his Twitter account. The screenshots you see here are provided by him. The first shows a picture of a level 4 Mew in the wild during a random Pokemon encounter, while the second apparently shows Mew’s form when using the Pokemon Aime application.

Is Mew in the game?!
Is Mew in the game?!

If this is true, then this is obviously an amazing find. Where do we find Pokemon X and Y Mew’s location though, that’s what everyone will want to know. Are Game Freak keeping Mew locked away for an upcoming Pokemon event, or is Mew hidden in an area of the game that is accessible now, but just that nobody has cracked the secret?

Enjoy this great rumor for now as we await for more details. Give us your thoughts on Mew possibly being in the game and which location you think Mew could be hiding if true.



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