GTA V jetpack location secret remains unsolved

By Alan Ng - Nov 1, 2013

How are you getting on with solving some of the mysteries and secrets in GTA V? One of the biggest is undoubtedly the GTA V Chiliad mural map, which seemingly leads to the unravelling of a UFO in the sky. However, some gamers believe that there is more to the map than meets the eye and could also lead to the mystery behind unlocking the GTA V jetpack location secret too.

It’s amazing that since the game release on September 17, it looks like there are still plenty of secrets that GTA V gamers have yet to solve. The mural on Chiliad map is just waiting to be uncovered and is just sitting there as one big massive tease that must be making Rockstar’s developers happy the longer it goes on unsolved.

You have probably already seen confirmation of the UFO spawn on the mountain at 3am, but many gamers also believe that there same map is linked to unlocking a GTA V jetpack as well. Even just the thought of having another jetpack in the game after SanAndreas is enough to send fans hunting, and it looks like the excitement and hype level is going through the roof.

Head to message boards such as Neoseeker here to see what people are saying about the GTA V jetpack mystery and how far gamers have gotten with solving it so far. There’s also a useful GTA V jetpack hunt thread ongoing at the GTAForums which you may like to read through.

We have also found a very interesting video which we’ve included below – offering some thoughts of one GTA V fan who thinks he may be the closest to solving the puzzle.

Either way, it looks like the jetpack could be real in the game. Does it involve the space docker vehicle or not? If you have completed the game 100% and are now working on solving the jetpack secret too, let us know any theories that you may have for us below.

Together, we can solve it!

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  • shaun jones

    so so, kinda boring video, alot of obvious info and some not so obvious, the view from the hospital when you die is a little unusual that you can turn and see that mountain straight away, and on the right angle, as far is it looks

    BUT the jetpack is likely under zancudo base, people have glitched under it and it has secret rooms and a spinning box, spinning at the exact same speed as the jetpack does, which is slower than any of the other spinning items to make it stand out, you cant see the jetpack though as you are underneath the square

  • Ryan

    No jet pack I am disappoint

  • Jackwright3

    That was literally the most frustratingly pointless 8 minutes of my life.

  • Tobiwan

    Lol wtf is your problem? Learn to speak proper.

  • David White

    Worst explanation of the map ever.