GTA V Bullet GT, Vapid car has two locations

How are you getting on with your GTA V sports car list so far? We have been giving you heads-up on where to locate cars such as the Sultan RS and the Surano Benefactor. Now though, we have noticed some of you have been having difficulty trying to find one other – the GTA V Bullet GT location.

Just like the GTA V Surano, the Bullet GT Vapid is easily one of the fastest vehicles in the whole game. It features a unique engine sound that you are going to love whilst burning through the streets listening to your favorite radio station.

You may not be aware, but there are actually multiple locations where you can find the Vapid Bullet. We have two of these locations to show you, which will hopefully lead to you finding the place each time by memory – since we all know that the GTA V world is massive.

One of the first places to find the Bullet, will require you playing as Franklin as the location is very close to Franklin’s second home once you get to that stage. We’ve included a video below to show you the exact route and shouldn’t prove too difficult to find if you follow the steps carefully.

We’ve also added a second video, showing where you can find the Bullet in a different place. Unlike the first which is located in a swanky area of GTA V, the Bullet can also be obtained at the back of Simon’s place where he fixes the cars.

So there we have it, good luck finding the Bullet GT and let us know how you get on. Are there any other cars that you are looking for which you need help with?



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