Football Manager 2014 tactics plus Chelsea career

The Football Manager 2014 reviews are in and the majority of ratings rank the game very highly, so today we wanted to share a few videos to help those playing the game or thinking about purchasing it very soon. Football Manager 2014 saw a worldwide release just 2 days ago.

Below this article you will find a number of videos related to Football Manager 2014, so get a drink and sit back and relax while you learn about the game in a visual manner.

The first video is pretty short but takes a look at setting up Football Manager 2014 games faster, and while this is a pretty basic hands-on video it is certainly worth a look if you are new to the game.

You can also learn about the new tactics system in Football Manager 2014 with the second video, which runs for just over 6 minutes. The short review of the tactics system explains how the latest game has changed since some new features were implemented to tactics.

While we are sure our readers will debate what the best free players are at the start of Football Manager 2014, one video aims to explain what the best players are in their opinion, so take a look at the shortlist in the third video below. We embedded a fourth video looking at some of the best players as well, although in this 22 minute video it looks at the best young players in the future for Football Manager 2014.

Finally, we have featured the Chelsea career mode story for Football Manager 2014 in the last video. This particular video starts with gameplay showing you meeting the team, although you can see all parts on this YouTube page with gameplay for transfers, the first match and a lot more.



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