Football Manager 2014 Facepack to install faces

If you have seen the videos we featured revealing Football Manager 2014 tactics, you will know there is a lot to learn about this game and how to play it optimally. Those of our readers that feel they have nailed most of the important points might want to play with a little more detail, and this is where Facepacks come in if you haven’t already installed them.

You can learn how to install the Facepacks to Football Manager 2014 thanks to a video we have embedded below this article. It runs for just over 6 minutes and we highly recommended this option to the die-hard football fans. The latest version of Football Manager looks amazing when you get to see real faces of the staff and players.

The screenshot above reveals the face of Cristiano Ronaldo, although the Facepacks for Football Manager 2014 include many more players and staff like Jose Mourinho, and many more. We would also love to hear your thoughts on the faces after you have installed them.


Have you installed the Facepack with your copy of Football Manager 2014? How much of a difference do you think it makes to the whole experience?



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