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DualShock 4 Vs DualShock 3 with Sony’s best ever pad

Have you already started the next-gen era early by buying a PS4 DualShock 4 controller? You all should be aware that Sony has decided to sell their new controllers early, despite the fact that the console itself doesn’t launch until November 15 or November 29 in Europe.

We have a feeling that many of you will have already bought one so that you have a second DualShock 4 ready for when you need it. For all those that are still on the fence though, we think we may have the perfect video to give you an idea just how good the controller really is.

A video offering some DualShock 4 Vs DualShock 3 analysis has emerged courtesy of the guys over at Polygon. They haven’t wasted any time in saying that the new controller is easily the best pad that Sony has ever made and that fans are going to be in for a treat once they get their hands on one and feel the difference for themselves.

You get to see some inspiring close up shots of Sony’s new controller showing off its true beauty in HD. If the DualShock 3 was labelled as ‘too heavy’, then we think you are going to love holding the new pad in your hands.

At $60 a piece though, is it worth it? Some have questioned Sony’s decision to sell the controllers early, but we think it was a great idea to kick start the PS4 era a few weeks early. Let us know if you have already ordered a second DualShock 4 pad and what your own impressions are of the device, compared to the DualShock 3.

Would you agree in saying that it is the best controller that Sony has ever designed? Don’t forget to check out some secret functionality here, some surprise Xbox 360 support here and confirmation that the DualShock 4 was almost built with a touchscreen here.



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