Battlefield 4 problems on PC, making it ‘unplayable’

By Alan Ng - Nov 1, 2013

How are you getting on with Battlefield 4 at the moment? The game is finally out on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC, but surprisingly it appears that the latter platform may be the one with the most issues. We are hearing that there are countless Battlefield 4 PC problems emerging, resulting in crashing and games that continuously freeze at random points in the game.

Although some may say that this was going to be expected with a new Battlefield game launch, many may be feeling slightly disappointed that the frequent crashes are happening so soon after the Battlefield 4 beta finished up, when DICE were supposed to be making the game perfect for launch.

According to many angry gamers though, it hasn’t happened. You only need to visit this thread over at Reddit to see that over 200 gamers have been complaining about the same thing – they can’t play a single game without it crashing randomly or freezing up at any moment.

Here is one account of what kicked it all off over at Reddit:

“I can’t play this game anymore until they fix the random crashing and freezing. Every time I’m having a good game without fail the game will freeze and get stuck in an audio loop. Worst of all your stats aren’t even captured when the game crashes. My PC is relatively high end (i5, 8GB, GTX 570), drivers are all up to date and it will still crash at least every second match. I’m not interested in playing any more until they fix this game. The most frustrating thing is that these are all the same issues I experienced at the launch of BF3. How did lessons not get learned from the last game…”

If a crash whilst playing wasn’t bad enough, one of the most frustrating aspects of this is that stats and unlocks are not being counted for that game as well. So imagine when you perform well in a match, you play towards the end top of the leaderboard, then suddenly it crashes and you lose everything.

So far we haven’t seen specific action taken by DICE yet. We have a feeling they will have to address this in a patch though, as the complaints keep flooding in and it’s a bit of a crisis going into Battlefield 4’s first launch weekend.

How is your game at the moment, on any platform? Are you experiencing regular crashes as well whilst playing or not?

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  • tole

    fuckin sound freez and cant start the game with out a crash

  • Gary Bryant

    I can play campaign mode but when I play multiplayer the game will launch and go for about one minute and then return to the home screen. This started happening after the update.

  • DangerZone

    It doesn’t crash when I play multiplayer, it crashes when I start the game up!

  • Jeffry Helms

    Your pc is not even up to date-look on the battlelog forum, you’ll find out what you need to get–a gaming computer! Xbox and playstation are gaming computers also

    • DangerZone

      I have an Alienware, but still can’t play it!

  • battlefield need to get it rig

    it dosnt even open on my computer and when it dose i get stuck on main menu

  • AngryNerd

    Random crashes today all day. Sound loop/screen froze, BF4 has stopped working. No s***. I noticed. Ironic because it played fine first few days, but servers were sometimse rubberbanding.

    I changed nothing, either. So annoying.

  • tuttifruty23 game name

    bf4 for ps3 freezes at spon ever time cant play! EVER TIME !! FIRST DAY WAS FINE NOW JUST FREEZING nonstop

  • chad

    lmao… I bought this game for PC cause its $20 NZD cheaper than the console games.. nek minnit. crashed from the loading screen.. ahahaa now I regret buying it for PC since my laptop is only a midrange model >_<

  • Jason

    my game just wont load its just stuck at initializing…

  • eatcarpetnow

    freezers on ps3 now as well….. well if it keeps up looks like COD Ghosts is the go.

  • Mark

    I can play battlefield 4 but i am experiencing all the crashes too and it is mega frustrating. i am running I5 at 4.2Ghz GTX Titan and 16GB of ram, so there is no way it is the fact my PC can’t handle it.

    It needs to be sorted out especially as the same thing happened when battlefield 3 was launched, its stupid.

  • Evan

    I can’t even play the game. It stops responding the second i try to play multiplayer or just the singleplayer campaign. My PC is i7, GTX 770, 8 gigs ram, drivers up to date, but BF4 just doesn’t care. insta-crash anyway

  • Andy

    Yeah I’ve had problems with random crashes and the like. But this game isn’t going to be around for a few days or weeks. It’ll be played to death and be more than worth the money after a few years have passed. These are just expected teething troubles and as long as you accept there are issues, then it’s a stonking release that is just going to get better and better and better as time goes on. No panic with the crashes or losing advancement – it’ll be fine sooner rather than later. I’m sure DICE are working their arses off getting it all fine and dandy.

    Great game. Soon to be superb once they’ve ironed out the issues.

  • Kurgan86

    why get spend £400 on a PS4 to play it on High settings when I can play it on Ultra with out spending the £400 on a Ps4 or CrapBox

  • Tim

    This is problem with PC gaming, so many millions of different configurations to code for, just get it on next gen consoles, on console the game is optimised for one set of hardware – get it on PS4, the PS4 version is just as good as PC on high settings,

    • CarlSagan

      Or I could play it on my 4k monitor on ultra.

    • josh


  • JazzDog95

    I can’t even get past the damn loading screen. Game “stops working” every time on the black loading screen. Haven’t been able to play at all – multi or singleplayer. Get it together and fix this DICE!

    • Rhysus

      I’m having the same problem too. Load of BS

    • j

      Thank god there is someone else with the same issue! I’ve been looking around the web and no one has been unable to play the multiplayer and single player

    • Tom

      It is probably because of all the hackers, cheaters and pirates on PC, that is why I left PC gaming, just get it on next gen consoles – much cleaner fairer multiplayer experience.

      • CarlSagan

        You sound like a shill for Sony. Pirates can’t play multiplayer. Hackers get kicked and banned instantly,because unlike the peasantstation or xbone we actually have admins who will kick hackers.