Batman Arkham Origins TotalBiscuit review verdict

It’s not been a week since the release of Batman Arkham Origins, and we have already seen a few reviews admitting that they were shocked at how good this game was. They don’t say this is the best game from the franchise, but rather different, while not losing too much of what makes these games so great in the first place.

The reason for the shock was because of a different studio in charge of development, and for the most part has done a pretty decent job. However, there is one video review that suggests Batman Arkham Origins is more of a stopgap rather than a serious successor to Batman: Arkham City.

TotalBiscuit has offered his two-cents worth and while he seems interested that Origins takes place before the events of City Asylum and City, it does not live up to its promise. It is nice to see a young Batman not even know who The Joker is, and so makes for an impressive story to see these two adversaries meet for the first time.

In the review we get to see if Batman Arkham Origins does anything different, what’s the multiplayer mode like, and finally how well it stands up to the two previous titles?

While we do not want to go too much into this video review because it is better for you to watch all 51 minutes of it yourself, we can tell you that TotalBiscuit is not a huge fan of the Multiplayer part of the game.

If you could change any part of the game what would it be, and we are not talking about the bugs that are present in the game?



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