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WWE 2K14 nWo DLC release date hype with Scott Steiner

Are you enjoying WWE 2K14 so far? The graphics may not be amazing, but we’ve heard plenty of positive feedback saying that it could be one of the best wrestling games in years. Fans are very excited about the WWE 2K14 nWo DLC pack that is coming out, mostly because it will feature a playable Scott Steiner.

We all know that the odds of Scott Steiner appearing on WWE TV programming is probably the same odds of Call of Duty being 1080p native on Xbox One. For some fantastic reason though, Steiner will be appearing in WWE 2K14 in his nWo attire, meaning that he’ll be joined by the likes of Kevin Nash, Syxx (X-Pac), The Giant and even Scott Hall aka Razor Ramon.

Are you surprised that someone as ‘controversial’ as Scott Steiner is included in 2K14? Obviously it’s a great thing for wrestling fans, but we never thought we would see it happen. Then again, we never thought Bret Hart would make amends with Shawn Michaels after the Montreal Screwjob, but there we go.

Big Poppa Pump is back
Big Poppa Pump is back

Unfortunately there is no release date yet for the WWE 2K14 nWo content but we do know that it will be available sometime in November. It’s going to be a free download if you have the WWE 2K14 season pass, or if not $8.99 as a separate purchase.

For now, enjoy a screenshot above and check out nWo in WWE 2K14 at the launch trailer below – their appearance is at the 1.29 mark of the video.

How do you feel knowing that Scott Steiner is going to be playable? Who else do you want to see in the game as DLC?



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