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PS4, Xbox One UK midnight launch queue jump offered

Have you ordered a PS4 or Xbox One console from GAME UK? If so, you’ll want to pay attention to the following information, especially if you are not looking forward to waiting in a long queue during the PS4 and Xbox One midnight launches.

We are closing in on the big day and regardless of whether you are picking up a PS4 or Xbox One, it is going to be a very exciting launch and one that gamers will remember for a long time. We now have details for those of you who already have an existing order at GAME via deposit.

The retailer is now giving consumers the option of paying for the console early, before the PS4 launches on November 29 in the UK and Xbox One on November 22. By paying off your console early, GAME will give you fast-track status, allowing you to jump the queue and just show your receipt and pick up your console straight away.

GAME states that this will be a lot more convenient to consumers who don’t mind paying early and ensure that those that are queuing won’t have to wait several hours to do so, since many will surely be taking GAME up on their offer.

Get gaming quicker?!
Get gaming quicker?!

The company are calling this their ‘Get Gaming Quicker’ incentive and if you are interested, you should head down to your local store one day before the respective console launches and pay up the full price to get access to the fast track during the midnight launch.

What are your thoughts on this – will you be taking advantage of this, or have you bought your console elsewhere due to GAME UK’s high prices?



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