PS4 MP3 audio launch shock with restrictions

If you already have a PS4 console on order and are awaiting the UK and US launch dates with excitement, we have some important news to share – especially if you consider yourself to be a music fan. It has just been confirmed that the PS4 won’t have support for the MP3 audio file, nor will it be able to play Audio CDS.

As most of you are aware, Sony has their own music service which they are looking to plug which is called Music Unlimited. This works across several Sony devices including the PS Vita, but requires a monthly subscription to use.

It now looks like MP3 has taken a hit because of Music Unlimited existence and it now means that you won’t be able to transfer over any MP3s from external devices or from storage spaces online for direct playback on the PS4.

Unfortunately this is also going to follow on with a lack of support for Audio CDs at launch. Given that most of the music industry is shifting towards digital distribution though, this may not be an issue for you.

It would have been nice to have it there as an option though, but fortunately it looks like there may be some light at the end of the tunnel. Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida has taken the criticism on board and revealed that these features are now up for consideration by the development team at a later date.

This is good of Sony to respond so quickly, this is what consumers like – clear and transparent communication at all times.

Is it still a shock to you? No media servers, no YouTube app, no MP3, no external hard drive support and no Audio CDs at launch – let us know your thoughts below.



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