Pokemon X and Y Volcanion, Diancie, Hoopa location excites

By Alan Ng - Oct 31, 2013

If you were looking for the latest Pokemon X and Y news, we think we may have something very exciting for you indeed. The Pokemon X and Y legendaries list may be expanded, with rumors surfacing that Pokemon numbers #719, #720 and #721 could be revealed as Diancie, Volcanion and Hoopa respectively.

At the moment, details are only just emerging, but it appears that these secret new Pokemon could be linked to an upcoming event for Pokemon X and Y and that a future event could hold the key to unlocking them in the game.

We’ve also heard whispers that these Pokemon may be waiting behind the three locked areas of the Pokemon X and Y power plant, but again these are only just rumors and have yet to be confirmed.

Super rare Diancie!

Super rare Diancie!

What we can show you though due to an early leak, is a first look at the design and type of Diancie, Volcanion and Hoopa. Diancie is thought to be a Rock/Fairy type, Volcanion is looking like a Fire/water and Hoopa could be the latest Ghost/Psychic type to join the game.

Exciting stuff right? As far as rumors go, it looks like this one is going to turn out to be pretty solid, as we’ve even seen entries in the Pokemon X and Y serebii Pokedex, which usually never lists false information.

The elusive Hoopa revealed!

The elusive Hoopa revealed!

As we all wait for Nintendo and Game Freak to dish the dirt on this latest secret, let us your thoughts on idea on where they could be obtained in the game. Do you agree that the power plant secret could hold all of the keys?

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  • Dwayne Tucker

    hoping in august or September or in the month of july

  • dat kid

    Actually this November, pokemon Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby are being released. Whatever nintendo has planned for these three, better get done fast.

    • Dwayne Tucker

      there going to be distribution

  • gy

    what time does it have to be to have sundial shine

  • Jesse Ren Saario

    I was thinking about this but
    what if, If there is a Z version the series that might come out, what
    if more new Pokemon and Mega Evolutions will be revealed for that game,
    that could be why there’s only 69 new Pokemon for X & Y because
    there saving more for later on for Z.

    • mr.knowsitall

      dude there is no pokemon z its a fake the new games will be pokemon omega ruby and alpha sapphire

  • AXEofWAR

    Volcanion is part of an event involving the power-plant and is located beneath Juane Plaza in Lumiose. Diancie appears when a meteorite is brought to the sundial; a light shines through it and it appears. Hoopa appears in the scary house after you bring a ring to the ghost girl in Lumiose. The keys to the power plant, meteorite, and ring are all unobtainible through normal gameplay, and will be distributed via mystery gift.

    • Mamam

      how you know

      • Dwayne Tucker

        he got a good point and I think the ring beneath it is it teleportation hole to go different places I heard there going to be distribution events

  • AwesomeCauliflower68

    ghost psychic is really horrible types it has 2 4x weaknesses, ghost and dark

    • TorrentialTyrant

      It would also utterly destroy fighting types.

      • Panda38338

        True, but a pokemon like Lucario can counter it by using a move like Me First or if it doesn’t die, Counter.

  • Hira

    Actually I really think it has something to do with the Creation Trio given to B2W2

  • Fuji

    Diancie I think has something to do with the sundial in anistar city the crystals are the same and it looks like its on a meteor and someone in the city say the sundial came from space

  • Tyler Poore

    If they are indeed in the Power Plant, does the pictures of them in a forest suggest that they are roaming legendaries?

    • gbasp05

      Nope only because the hacker that found their code in the game made them appear in the forest