iPad Mini 2 release date anxiety with Retina shortage

By Alan Ng - Oct 31, 2013

As the world braces themselves for the iPad Air release date after online orders begin on November 1, many consumers are disappointed that Apple won’t be able to provide the same joy in relation to the iPad Mini 2 or new iPad Mini with Retina.

Unlike its bigger brother, Apple has been unable to provide a release time frame for the new iPad Mini, instead just informing consumers that they need to wait a little longer with the smaller device and that it will be available sometime in November without a solid release date.

However, now we have some information for you to digest which may offer a possible explanation as to why the iPad Mini 2 won’t be launching at the same time with the iPad Air. Reports coming out of Taiwan this week claim that Apple are having Retina display shortage problems and that this is the sole reason why there is a delay.

Sharp is one of the main suppliers that is building Apple’s new iPad Mini displays, but apparently Sharp are having problems meeting high demand and that is what is holding up the public release. It did seem strange to us that the iPad Mini 2 had a different release date to the iPad Air, as it would obviously seem very logical to launch both at the same time together.

If these whispers on display shortages are true, then hopefully Apple will be able to find a solution with Sharp to speed up production and get the new iPad Mini out on shelves as soon as possible.

For now treat this as a rumor until we hear more conclusive evidence. Would you be surprised if Apple are having Retina display shortage issues in Asia? It wouldn’t be the first time let’s not forget.

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  • Truffol

    Here’s a conspiracy theory: Apple is creating iPad Mini Retina shortage to a) create even more hype for the product and b) upsell and have consumers consider iPad Air instead (after all early reviews do indicate it’s also an excellent product). And after reducing much bulk and weight the potential client base of the iPad Air and the iPad Mini might not be too different after all.