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iPad Air release time after Apple Store is down

We are just hours away from Apple’s next big product launch. The iPad Air release time is approaching and in just a few hours, Apple will open their sales doors both online and retail and sell the iPad Air to millions of eager shoppers around the globe.

Naturally, most of you want to know what the official iPad Air start time will be for orders, once the Apple Store is down. While Apple has not made a mention of this on their UK and US stores, there may be a big clue thanks to some more revealing information on the other Apple stores.

If you head to the UK Apple Store now, you’ll see that there is no mention of a start time for iPad Air orders. However, if you visit the Hong Kong Apple store in comparison, you’ll see that Apple will begin orders at 12am on November 1.

Is this a good indication that this is the same start time for iPad Air orders in UK and US? We would like to think that is the case, so it’s a good idea to start the ‘refresh game’ the minute the clock strikes 12 later on.

Are you ready to do it all again?
Are you ready to do it all again?

As for those of you planning to go into Apple retail stores tomorrow, we can tell you that these orders will begin at 8am, as shown in the image above, so start planning your journey accordingly bearing in mind that queues are likely to be huge.

The question is: Are you ready to upgrade to the iPad Air on November 1, or will you be giving the upgrade a miss this time? Let us know what you plan to do and whether you will be playing the refresh game on the Store later or not.



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