Titanfall PS4 release date KO’ed, but sequel likely

By Alan Ng - Oct 30, 2013

We have some bombshell news for those of you hoping to see a Titanfall PS4 release date in the not too distant future. Respawn Entertainment has finally set the story straight, confirming that Titanfall will remain a console exclusive on the Xbox 360 and Xbox One, permanently.

As most of you know, Titanfall is due out on the Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC in 2014. The game looks absolutely fantastic from a graphical point of view and naturally, many PS3 users are disappointed that they won’t have the chance to play the game at launch.

Rumors recently picked up suggesting that Titanfall was in fact a timed-exclusive meaning that it would eventually see a release on PS3 and PS4. However, we now have the confirmation in black and white that this actually isn’t the case and the game will remain exclusive to Microsoft.

Vince Zampella from Respawn Entertainment confirmed the news on Twitter, as you’ll see with these quotes below.

With that said and done, we can however bring Sony fans cause for great optimism. A further tweet by Zampella reveals that they will definitely be making games for the PS4 and suggested that a sequel to Titanfall is possible and will be available on PS4.

He has stressed numerous times that the exclusivity is only for the first game, so it looks like any future games from the company will end up going multi-platform, which is obviously great for all neutral gamers out there.

Still though, will it feel a bit odd not being able to play Titanfall 1 on PS4, if Titanfall 2 becomes available? Give us your reaction to the news – you have to say that Microsoft has pulled off a major victory on this occasion, with their wallets.

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  • ExcludingSequelSales

    I don’t know why they would try just the first as exclusive. There will be little interest from PS4 owners in number 2 as they were not able to play 1. Same would be the case for UC4. Xbone sales would be down coz Xbox guys have not got into the series as it was PS exclusive. If a dev is going to get paid off to be exclusive, they need to have an agreement for the entire series. Like Halo. If they release a Halo on PS4 I wouldn’t be that excited that I would buy it. Why? Coz I haven’t played the original and also who says that the next one in the series won’t go back to being Xbone exclusive. I agree Microsoft have had a win this time. But the big losers will be Respawn IF they do a sequel. No payment from MS, but reduced sales due to PS owners having not played the original.