PGA Tour 15 for PS4 and Xbox One progress detailed

By Peter Chubb - Oct 30, 2013

If you were hoping to see Tiger Woods PGA Tour 15, then we have some bad news to tell you, as EA Sports has parted company with the golfer. They did not go into detail as to why they would no longer associate the franchise with Woods, but they did say a new direction was needed.

We can understand why they would want to move into a new direction, as Tiger Woods is not the sportsman he once was, and also they need a new focus ready for the move to next-gen consoles. EA said this decision was mutual and wish Tiger Woods well.

So what does this mean for PGA Tour 15? The new direction will come with greater customization, and while the developer has not elaborated on what they mean by this, they have teased us with some details of the next generation game.

EA has done this by offering a PGA Tour 15 image that details the PS4 and Xbox One progress. They have shown footage of how the current-gen version compares to next-gen, and we have to say the game is looking amazing.

The details of the water is truly amazing, but then again we should not take these images for granted, as we all know how much developers can make them look better than they are. Having said that, EA does have time to learn about next-gen console capabilities, and it is the hope the potential of PGA Tour 15 graphics will be far better than the first batch of current generation games.

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  • jackmurphystadium

    I have not tried the simulator option. I currently have a PS3 and several of the latest TW games as well as John Daly. I understand that was the best feature of the John Daly game. I actually gave John’s game a chance and after awhile, I got into it! When the new PGA game drops I will consider picking up a PS4. Probably best time to sell a PS3 has come and gone. I would like to see the new developers license the 4 majors ( I assume The Masters is done ). Have great commentary. Perhaps a vocal caddy assist. Interactive galleries and scoreboards. Fantastic ambient and tournament sounds. 4 day event with playoff, if needed. It is ALL about creating the correct atmosphere of the tournament.

  • jackmurphystadium

    Forget about the graphics. Forget about how the game will be customizable. What really matters is the tournament atmosphere that will be created. Please move from the static and quiet single player, alone on a Friday afternoon atmosphere, and move into a PGA tournament with the large gallery feel. If you want to get an idea how this is created on a computer/video game, please head over to British Open Championship Golf. If EA could purchase the rights to use one or all of the 4 majors and others like the Ryder Cup, that would be the right move. Active leaderboard, tournament sounds, smart commentary, caddy interaction would all make for a great, golf video game.

    • Tom Gallagher

      And some golf simulator experience with Kinect 2.0

    • John Vekich

      I agree with all you’re saying except the part about “forget about the graphics” now is the time to attack the graphics head on and bring all the elements of golf to it as well. Have different climates, seasons, leaves changing to fall colors, no leaves, I wanna see my guys breath if it’s cool out and steam coming off the ponds in the early morning. I’d like to see the ball mark when my ball lands and as far as caddies go….I am the caddie. I think this game needs to be more visually real as it is part of the addiction of golf. I’d also like to customize a swing, have access to more equipment, clothing and of course….courses! The more courses the better. I’d like to be able to design a course as well. This is the time to go all out on the graphics with these new consoles AND improve everything in the game as well….why not? As far as the tournament atmosphere goes, I think they could make a more realistic reaction to pull you deeper into the feeling of a big moment with both your player and the crowd.

      • jackmurphystadium

        Yeah … I am BIG on graphics. I think my reference point was, ” what is most important?” Although I think graphics are very important, if I want to see a tournament recreated well, it has to immerse me in the atmosphere and simply eye popping graphics won’t get the job done. The graphics for BOCG were not “pretty” but they were perfect for recreating the barren and brown courses across the pond. Very little “green” except for the greens. I hope EA licenses the major tournaments and gets it right. If they do, I will have to pick myself up a PS4.

        • John Vekich

          I can’t wait to see how it goes….