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PGA Tour 15 for PS4 and Xbox One progress detailed

If you were hoping to see Tiger Woods PGA Tour 15, then we have some bad news to tell you, as EA Sports has parted company with the golfer. They did not go into detail as to why they would no longer associate the franchise with Woods, but they did say a new direction was needed.

We can understand why they would want to move into a new direction, as Tiger Woods is not the sportsman he once was, and also they need a new focus ready for the move to next-gen consoles. EA said this decision was mutual and wish Tiger Woods well.

So what does this mean for PGA Tour 15? The new direction will come with greater customization, and while the developer has not elaborated on what they mean by this, they have teased us with some details of the next generation game.

EA has done this by offering a PGA Tour 15 image that details the PS4 and Xbox One progress. They have shown footage of how the current-gen version compares to next-gen, and we have to say the game is looking amazing.

The details of the water is truly amazing, but then again we should not take these images for granted, as we all know how much developers can make them look better than they are. Having said that, EA does have time to learn about next-gen console capabilities, and it is the hope the potential of PGA Tour 15 graphics will be far better than the first batch of current generation games.



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