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Path of Exile Spectral Throw Scion build favored

How are you getting on with Path of Exile so far? The game has become an instant success, with many PC owners actually favoring PoE in a Path of Exile vs Diablo 3 showdown. With more and more players joining the game, it looks like the Path of Exile Spectral Throw with the new Scion build is the one that is being favored above all others.

To give you an idea of how the new ability looks in game, we have some fantastic gameplay to show you below this post. You’ll see Spectral Throw in action which makes dealing with a large group of enemies a lot easier than before.

The animation for this move is awesome and very easy to pull off – simply equip the Spectral Throw build once it is available to you and click the cursor where you want the projectiles to go. As you can imagine, there are a lot of combinations that can be used with Spectral Throw and we’ve seen that most of you have been having fun trying out what works best.

One of these is the Spectral Throw with a 2-handed sword physical build, which you can read about in full detail over at Reddit – whilst also participating in the healthy debate yourself if you are a user and play PoE. There’s also the Path of Exile sub-Reddit page if you fancy joining that.

As for the gameplay videos, we have two to show you which both show off Spectral Throw when using it with the multiple projectiles build. Have a look and let us know your impressions of the game so far.

Which Spectral Throw Scion build is favorite for you and why?



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