Google Glass update features prescription lens compatibility

With no definitive release date for Google Glass because of people still testing them, we should not complain too much because we will get a better device at the end of it. There is a new update and with it brings a whole set of new features, two of which include prescription lens compatibility and also a built-in ear-bud to repelace the speaker that appears in the current model.

Those testing current units (or Glass Explorers) will have them swapped for the updated Google Glass. Google has yet to detail how they will allow for people to use their prescription glasses or even sunglasses with its device, but we are certain they will in time. There are alternatives that already offer this feature.

Google has not said if they will change the design of its eyewear, but it has been suggested that owners will be able to insert their prescription lenses into the frames of Google Glass. However, some people already tried this with the current design and said it was awkward, which leads us to believe a design change is inevitable.

Explorers will be able to swap their Google Glass units on Friday, where they will take part in a new 60-day trial and in that time can decide if they wish to keep them. However, don’t think these testers get a free ride, as they have to pay $1,500 for the privilege.



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