COD Ghosts 720p on Xbox One, fans want to cancel pre-orders

By Alan Ng - Oct 31, 2013

So this has been the big debate over the last week and now we finally have a confirmation for you. Gamers have been wondering about the resolution for Call of Duty Ghosts PS4 Vs Xbox One and now Infinity Ward has confirmed – COD Ghosts is 720p on the Xbox One.

We had been telling you about the rumors that had been mounting up, with our last update on this even being called a ‘fanboy report’ by some Xbox One gamers who just didn’t want to believe what could be coming.

Now, we’re pleased to see that the debate is now over and we can all look forward to playing a great game on both platforms. Infinity Ward’s Mark Rubin has confirmed on Twitter that the Xbox One version is only 720p upscaled to 1080p, while the PS4 version will run Call of Duty Ghosts at 1080p native.

Here is what he said on Twitter, in its entirety:

Secret is out.

Secret is out.

As you can imagine, Xbox One fans are shocked with the news, especially with it coming out so close to launch and many having already pre-ordered the game. We have seen some fierce activity on Twitter, with a lot of you now threatening to cancel pre-orders and pick up the PS4 version instead, solely due to the resolution confirmation.

Here is a few example of just what 720p means to you, compared to 1080p native on PS4:

And the threats start:

More unhappy gamers:

So there we have it. Xbox One is confirmed at 720p, just before the November 5 launch and it looks like many of you are unhappy about it. Are these gamers above over-reacting, or do you think it is fully justified? Give us your reaction to the news below.

Will you cancel your Xbox One pre-order or still enjoy the game at 720p upscaled?

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  • Dom Deguire

    not having 1080p for a CoD game is it such a big deal? REALLY?? Specially when most of the PS3 and X360 games used to run at 1024×600…

    WTF is wrong with the gaming community??

    • RoadShow

      (1) Next Gen console – a lot of hype about 1080p & 60fps
      (2) Xbox is $100 more expensive and is supposed to be all powerful with the “power of the cloud”
      (3) COD is an Xbox staple – even though more PS4 pre-order consoles by far X1 had far more COD pre-orders just showing COD is big on xbox. Where as Battlefield is more popular on Playstation.
      (4) Xbox has all these paywalls for basic features. Can’t even browse the net, use streaming service, one guide, video capture, cross game chat or really anything without xbox live $300 every 5 years. These xbox gamers thought they were paying for something but really they get the bottom scraps.

      • spid3r6

        Bottom line Xbox Live is no PSN+….dedicated servers for all…will be able to have MMO even with from small devlelopers with big ambitions. Soon most of the developers will want to jump on Xbox Live. Thank the lord that REWSPAN decided to come to Xbox One

        • RoadShow

          The bottom line is that PS4 is far more popular both world wide and in the US territory. The PS3 has more dedicated servers than xbox now and any game that will need dedicated servers on PS4 will get it.

    • Jay R

      You*re an dumbass. xbox one has to run bf4 and cod:ghosts at maximum settings in 1080p and in 4k also if needed. because of people like you there is no progress.

    • miyamotomusashi94

      Micro$haft 4 U

  • Eric M.

    What is Call of Duty again?

  • Minecraft Greek

    The Xbox Community needed a pruning of the whiny brats anyway. I have no regrets letting Sony have them.

    • Majeed Belle

      Nah they won’t come over to Sony. Remember that Titanfall is xbox only so that will keep them over there. Enjoy! 🙂

      • Chris Adamson

        the kids will leave and go to PS4 , # cheaper console

        • Majeed Belle

          All of their buddies have Xboxes. Sorry but the kids are there to stay.

        • Empty

          No. The last remnants will be on xbox 360 or PC

      • RoadShow

        Titanfall is also on PC with FREE online play the PC way.

    • You are flat out wrong

      “W-well we didn’t want them anyway!!!!!”

      Enjoy your ghost town, Xscum. ^_^

  • Empty

    It’s good for xbox community – it’s filtered schoolboys and some other inadequate stuff.(sorry for my English)

    • Majeed Belle

      Titanfall will keep them on your side of the pond.

      • Empty

        no. they will be left in xbox 360 world or pc

  • JukaFruka

    I have a new for the X1. XboxOutdone

    • JukaFruka

      *new name for the X1

      • RandomDude

        not funny

    • Jecht_Sin

      Xbox Gone?

      • Hahaha

        XBox 720p?

  • Houto Takada

    I buy PS4

  • Alan Sardon

    if the ps4 was still available id switch

  • Escopablobar

    I think a lot of the backlash is coming from how Penello and company interacted with their audience. I have always argued that MSFT (Penello and MNelson to be more precise) should have never responded to rumors and speculation on forums such as Neogaf and Reddit. They should have kept their mouth shut and release info via more formal means. Penello has often come across as antagonistic, defensive and now deceptive with his Gaf and Reddit posts. A lot of what he has said has been proven to be evasive and misleading. People fell for the rhetoric and now find that reality is more underwhelming.

  • PatcherStation

    An educated guess, there won’t be much in it. On top of that, having a top TV makes a lot of difference. Having a decent TV isn’t good enough. Then people bang on about the cable you’re using, console settings and TV settings. Some TVs are better than others. All this 1080p and 720p nonsence, some people go on like it’s the end of gaming. But the Xbox One version will be better than the Xbox 360 version and probably the PS3 version. Can’t say I’ve been reading up on this game, but I’m assuming that on next gen consoles, there will be a few extra bells and whistles. The Xbox One version will still look ace. Look at how many times the Xbox 360 pulled off better games than on the PS3. Adding to that, no way are these games on next gen consoles worth £55. I’d prefer to wait until it’s cheap used (I don’t play online) or just get it on a current gen console at a cheaper price. It’ll still be a great game on any console. Some (not most) are just too fussy. Back in the day, PS2 versus Xbox when it came to graphics, the PS2 walked it even if the Xbox was superior.

  • MrZweistein

    I don’t even play COD anymore since COD4/MW time. Was the last innovative game in my opinion. Let them cancel their pre-orders for XBox Ones. It is their decision. We should just stop to judge a gamers decision which console he/she wants to buy. In the end they needs to be satisfied with their choice.

  • YnotNDalton

    Finally with ps4 will be able to play console games at comparable pc graphics levels.. feel sorry for x1 buyers.

    • StrongIsland

      You’re clearly clueless. It’s been confirmed by PC players that BF4 and CoD Ghosts is virtually identical to the PC version. Don’t believe go watch LevelCaps Xbox One BF4 gameplay.

    • Guest

      Another low IQ pauper that doesn’t know her rear from her front.

    • Chris Adamson

      dont love, we have titanfall

      • RoadShow

        Titanfall is on PC with FREE online play.

        Also built on an old graphics engine so MEH

  • Guest

    Looking at their post histories. NONE of them are Xbox fans. GFY PAUPERS. Especially the $0N¥ paupers on NeoFAG and N4Gay!

    • You are flat out wrong

      Be quiet, Zaire.

  • therealbigrich

    All the people saying cancel X1 preorders since the Ps4 isn’t as powerful should cancel there ps4 preorders and get a gaming PC and you would be able to get BF4 and COD at 1080p 60 fps

  • It’s the final blow to Xbone. PS4 will reign supreme confirmed.

  • marcus

    sony will be down in a fews years time just look at the income and loss the hardly make profit on any items they sell compared to microsoft

  • marcus

    the reason to go to xbox one is a better multiplayer service.The reason why its 720p is because of dev tools. Forza 5 runs at native 1080p so it is definitely capable of handling power

    • YnotNDalton

      lol forza.. ya a set track racing game… easy to render 1080p…

      • therealbigrich

        people said BF4 and Cod would be easy to do 1080 as well but even the all powerful ps4 cant do BF4 in 1080. Basically everyone already knew ps4 was more powerful system so I don’t get why this is such a big deal. These are launch games I think devs need more time to work on these systems

        • Kim Lyhne

          Anyone who said that was wrong. BF3 doesn’t run well on consoles, and requires a pretty decent PC to reach 1080p 60 FPS on the higher settings. A racing game is another matter entirely. Wipeout and Gran Turismo do 1080p 60 FPS on last generation hardware.

      • spid3r6

        And yet Driveclup has lots of issues getting there

    • Melodeus

      The reason Xbox One is 720p is simply because the Xbox One does not have the power to do so. CoD:Ghost isn’t graphically impressive. It’s main purpose is to be fast-paced. As far as Forza 5 running 1080p (No Up-Scale)…Racing titles focus primarily on cars. That is where expensive vertex shaders go, along with a load of geometry. It’s not difficult to process ray-tracing and Physically-based shading in real-time anymore and the scenes that zoom by are not all that detailed to begin with. More than likely super low-poly everything with “ok” shaders.

  • marcus

    bf4 runs at 720p and still looks better on xbox one than ps4 resolution is not everything

    • Eric M.

      You are right, looked at the stills, and man it looks clearer and even the reflective surfaces don’t looked washed out like the RedlineStation 4 version. The scalar chip MS is using is supposed to be able to upscale with better resolution quality then native 1080p. I am not worried about launch games, no one should, because if you are then wait for a year when developers can truly master the new tech. It is not unusual for a new console to seem under powered, look at Xbox 360 then and now.

    • You are flat out wrong

      Only thanks to Digital Foundry’s crap footage. Thankfully, everyone who was at the review event reported that the PS4 version blows the Xbong edition out of the water. No contest.

  • FlameWater

    I see people have finally seen the light and it’s colored blue

    • Toni D

      Then suddenly….red red red.

  • Devious Engineer

    “Xbox One is a first class Experience.” < Whoever said this, knows how to make a good joke!

  • spid3r6

    Whats funny is that everyone that will cancel their pre-orders for the XBOX one version…Jump on the PS4…A patch comes out for the Xbox one and fixes the issue..Those that waited will enjoy a fully dedicated servers..While the PS4 suffers from Lag!!

    • Axe99

      Dedicated servers have been confirmed for PS4 as well ;). More importantly, you can’t patch a weaker GPU.

      • Guest

        40 guest votes, all you! You N4Gay and NeoFAG paupers are truly pathetic!

        • Josh101

          Though you just posted a retort, as a guest. Irony.

      • Steve Denninger

        “Listening” servers…lol

      • fdsafs

        Hyrbid serevrs confirmed for PS4, you will still have player hosting

      • spid3r6

        Have you ever heard of tile resources…You can have all the RAw power in the world but if you don’t have the software to back it up its just metal

        • Axe99

          Absolutely – if the code/art/assets ain’t there, then it doesn’t matter that the device is more powerful. When I play Master of Orion II on a GTX 660 it doesn’t look any prettier than it did 15+ years ago. But when you _do_ have the software to back it up, then the better hardware can be useful ;).

    • Majeed Belle

      PS4 is getting those same servers. Did you miss the memo?

    • You are flat out wrong

      You can’t patch in decent hardware.

  • BrianC6234

    Just cancel your Xbox 180 right now and get a PS4. The PS4 is a lot more powerful so all third party multiplatform games will be better on the PS4 unless the develop holds back on the PS4. Don’t bother buying those games.

  • El_Gran_Catracho

    Obviously all of those tweets are planted PS4 Fanboys, Noone would dare cancel their XBOX1 Pre-order after knowing they’re paying more for a weaker console full of Jaggies!

    • extermin8or2

      Is that sarcasm I detect?

  • Lots of crying, typical reaction from the masses.

  • Steven Solidarios

    POWA OF DER CLOUD!!! lol!

  • WellWisher

    Oh man between this and the Sony Unlimited debacle, next gen is full of fail. I’ll hold on to my PS3, PC and Wii U (no, it’s not next gen but it does rock).

  • GorillaPotRoast

    The Xbox One is more than capable of native 1080p. So it’s odd there’s this many developers not taking advantage of it. Though it may have to do with Microsoft’s non-enforcement policy regarding resolution.
    I have no intention in buying Ghosts. If I was I would probably get the PS4 version. Honestly I’m just a little disappointed here.

    • BrianC6234

      No it isn’t. Not if they want to include everything else they put in the PS4 version. To make the games the same they’ll have to drop the resolution of the Xbox 180 version. That’s just the way it is. The cloud nonsense won’t help anything and the PS4 has much better RAM.

      • GirillaPotRoast

        Don’t give me that fanboy rhetoric. The Xbox One is capable of native 1080p, as evidenced by games like Forza 5 (no it’s not upscaled, it’s native). Claiming otherwise is foolish.
        There’s a couple of things to take into account, the fact that Microsoft doesn’t enforce resolution and framerate, and that they delivered development tools late.

        • extermin8or2

          Racing game vs a shooting game….. static environments with only the physics of the cars to worry about, and pretty much the same computation required for solo as is for multiplayer vs a shooter, with all those bullets needing physics computed, player doing unpredictable things on the maps, moving environments and a higher player count. Plus the way the development works is they create it first on PC and with this Architecture just transfer it accross, It’s a simple process, they then optimise for the hardware best they can the fact that even devs working under MS’s pay atm-Crytek and their game Ryse:Son of Rome can’t run at 60fps 1080p at all says everything to me….

        • GorillaPotRoast

          I was only using Forza 5 as an example. You mention how the games are developed on PC, yes they are, but if the dev tools aren’t complete, it makes it harder to optimized. Since complete dev tools weren’t delivered in time, it’s hard optimize things. The console is capable of 1080p.

          Because of the late dev tools, and MS’s policy, I’m waiting a few months, maybe a year, before I begin to worry about anything.

        • AB

          Yes that could be the case, but it could hurt it in the long run. Not being ready by launch after all these issues with the hardware architecture being so close but the difference in horse power being relatively large (well on the GPU side).

          We also have a Direct X API verse Open GL/Low Level (to the metal) API’s. Direct X is easy, Open GL is generally outside of MS the console and mobile standard. As for Low Level APIs, like Mantel and Sony’s in house PS4 low level API, let’s just say if Game Engine developers can master it (Epic, id, DICE, etc) then it can run circles around DX and Open GL.

          So we may have to deal with the reality that as it stands the Xbox One is more expensive and far weaker of the two in both hardware and performance metrics. The ESRAM was a bad bet based on bad information they had one what Sony was doing with their setup.

        • AB

          Yes, but that game has plenty of flat surfaces and simple textures (like most car games), no night and day cycle, no weather cycle, and no real time reflections like Drive Club. On the positive, it’s probably still more fun than Drive Club… and available at launch.

        • BlueChip

          Forza has real time reflections as well and runs at double the frame rate. Just wanted to correct that.

        • AB

          No it utilizes reflection mapping and runs at 60 FPS. Unless they’ve done upgrades since the last time I tried it out they show the static environment in the reflection and no cars or any other active scenery. That screams reflection maps.

        • Emedan

          Erm no. The 32mb ESRAM is simply too small to push 1080p with most modern graphic engines using deferred rendering techniques. COD Ghost isn’t really that graphically demanding so the Xbox One GPU should be able to handle it just fine in 1080p but the bottleneck is the stupid ESRAM solution being way too small for 1080p – There’s no way MS didn’t know 32mb would be too small for 1080p, it’s an active choice, MS isn’t bothering with 1080p, they’re making an entertainment box not a games console.

  • Kevin

    Glad I made the change to ps4 this time around, as we know ps4 is concentrating on gaming.

  • 3rdworldgamer

    where’s Slay?

  • BillyHoWCR

    And we know Wayne Crawley is a PS4 fanboy. So his comments are trolling.

  • BillyHoWCR

    Looks like Anthony King rechecked his priorities with some follow up tweeting.

    Anthony King ‏@RealAnthonyKing 10h
    I legit might have to cancel my Xbox One COD Ghosts pre order and get the PS4 version.

    J.J. ‏@CarbonPrimo 10h
    @RealAnthonyKing The Xbox One version will be upscaled to 1080p even though its native 720p. Difference to PS4 is so minimal you wont tell

    Anthony King ‏@RealAnthonyKing 10h
    @CarbonPrimo yeah i know lol all my boys are getting Xbox One anyway, no point. I’m only getting exclusives for my PS4.

    • You are flat out wrong

      Yeah, the magical upscaler will make all the difference when rendered natively, bwahahahaha.

      • BillyHoWCR

        What does that even mean?

  • OnlyWar

    PS4 is 1080p…. Xbox One is only 720p…. I’m going with PS4

  • Shooter

    PS4 the true Next gen. R.I.P Xbone 720(p)

    • Samuel Mixson

      Neither is the true (Next Gen). Xbox One was until pissy fanboys whined about the new DRMs. It was the only next gen on the table but now there’s no next gen. Just stronger versions of this gen.

      • bpool23

        Sad that you consider ddm and family sharing next gen.

      • Majeed Belle

        Someone else already said it but I’ll reiterate and ask the question anyway.
        What exactly is next gen about drm and family sharing again? Especially the family sharing that was first announced?

  • Lolwhathaha

    Cancelling over this? what you going to do SIT and count pixels and not play? WHO THE EFF CARES.
    I’m really shocked by how sad people are.

    • Tu Padre

      For a system for $500 people were expecting better.

    • XHLN

      The size of a 1920×1080 resolution image is roughly twice that of a 1280×720 image. The sharper the image, the better that the person can see small details. It’s enough to mean the difference between spotting a wookie hiding in a bush and being completely oblivious.

      Thus, 1080p vs 720p has a gameplay effect. If you’re happy with paying more for worse graphics and worse gameplay, then I really don’t know what to say.

    • extermin8or2

      It’s not about the pixels it’s about the consoles power and the fact that it’s less powerful for $100 more-people don’t like that and are clearly concerned about the possible differences between versions in the future if the gap is this large now….

    • Samuel Mixson

      Funny all this whining on these replies. The difference can’t be seen in power between the two. Xbox One can handle 1080p Native but dev tools were sent out late so we’re getting 720p resized. Also the extra $100 is worth it. The Kinect is the best tech out for motion gaming and will tie into quite a few games at launch. My favorite feature being on Dead Rising 3 where zombies hear you through the Kinect mic.

      • You are flat out wrong

        MUH WAGGLECAM!!!

    • Commander Jim

      I’d say cancelling because you don’t see the sense in paying $100 extra for a machine that’s been proven to be inferior is a pretty good reason. In terms of processing power 1080p takes a LOT more grunt than 720p. What do you think that will say about the rest of next generation?

      • Nissefar

        It doesnt say much. Do you remember how shitty the first games for the 360 and ps3 looked?

  • guest

    I bet the dog was the reason the xbone couldn’t handle the 1080p. Fur TressFx is also on the ps4 version the xbone had to have it removed.

    • RJ

      I don’t know where you get your facts from

      TressFX is on AMD cards so it can run on both PS4 and Xbox. No games run this on either console yet

      If you ever ran TressFX on a PC you’d understand you need massive computing power to let it run smoothly

      • guest

        Its sad because both new systems would probably never be able to do what the pc version of TombRadier did with TressFx at even 30fps.

        • extermin8or2

          either way… does that^ matter I mean come on…. it’s not worth any extra mony for TressFx lol

  • Superman

    PS4 is a beast. Game over xbox 720p -_-

  • Majeed Belle

    I think it’s justified. As a PC gamer I can’t help but look at this and laugh. You can’t pull native 1080p on a gaming system in the year 2013?
    Next gen indeed.

    • SirDjss

      Agreed, and on top of that i am playing my pc games at 5880×1080. So for thouse that want to se how that looks check out my utube page. Just search my name.

      • extermin8or2

        Pretty sure the resolution we see in is lower than that so you might be wasting power there… probably hasn’t been any real change in noticeable quality in the last thousand pixels…

    • Tim

      Please don’t criticise the PS4 (which runs COD and Killzone native @1080p), and major German PC magazine PCGH recommends the PS4 version of Batlefield 4 over PC! Essentially, they praise the PS4 version as it is pretty much locked at 60FPS and you would have to spend 1000€ on a new PC to get the same quality and performance available on the 399€ PlayStation 4.

      • Majeed Belle

        The moment EACH AND EVERY GAME that is released is done at 1080p then there won’t be any gripes to be had.

        What about $1000 PC has anything to do with being able to acomplish 1080p on a system whose near sole purpose is to play games?

        It doesn’t have to edit my photos or movies or anything that is PC intensive. It just renders graphics.

        There is plenty of critism to be had with this generation of consoles. Stop giving Sony/Microsoft a free pass dude.

  • Jonny

    Cancelled. Sorry, I’m not paying $100 more for the same resolution as my 360. Looks like it’s PS4 this gen.

    • Tu Padre

      Welcome to the Darkside we have cookies.

      • SwappingFrom360toPS4

        After the devastation of shitstorm Microsoft, the ‘adopt an Xbot’ foundation was created to help the victims cope with the loss of their loved ONE. for only a few Dorito’s a day, we can all help the survivors “kinect” with a real gaming faimily.

        In the arrrrrms of an aaangel…..

        • Tu Padre

          Omg ahahahaha xD.

    • Lethal_Doze

      the gap will be only more evident 2-3 years from now

      • Tim

        The PS4 is a beast, event the PS4 version of Battlefield 4 is very competitive with the PC version, in fact a major German PC magazine PCGH recommends the PS4 version over PC!!!!!!!!! Essentially, they praise the PS4 version as it is pretty much locked at 60FPS and you would have to spend 1000€ on a new PC to get the same quality and performance available on the 399€ PlayStation 4.

        • RichTea22

          Yes, indeed, the PS4 is very much a performance bargain, I’ve read the translation of the article and PCGH is certainly not a Sony fanboy publication so this is very true, it is amazing you are going to have to spend more than double on PC to match PS4 optimised performance.

    • jmc8888

      Don’t worry, you won’t miss the Data Mining/Advertisements/Spying of Kinect.

      The best realized aspect of Kinect was voice commands, and you really only need a microphone, and PS4 is going to have UI/Game uses of voice commands via a microphone plugged into your Dual Shock 4. Not to mention they do have a camera if you want it.

      Remote control does a better job of controlling TV, and you don’t have to worry about it not picking up your voice. Useful when you can’t find your remote or batteries are dead, but that’s about it.

      Fantasy Football is better on PC/smartphone app (and you can use the providers you want, because if it isn’t NFL.COM fantasy football, it ain’t gonna be on Xbox One). You also won’t be ‘that guy’ who takes up 1/3 of the screen with YOUR fantasy stats, again if you use NFL.COM, and lessen the experience for everyone else trying to watch the game.

      Netflix and all that stuff can be done elsewhere, most likely on a console you already have. Most likely on the PC you have.

      You’ll get better quality games at a $100 less cost.

      PS+ is $10 less a year and doesn’t automatically renew…i.e. less headaches.

      Plus if rumors from the same sources are real, Xbox Live for Xbox One might have some major stumbling issues out of the gate. True both consoles might have hiccups, but only the Xbox One is rushing to meet the deadlines.

    • GoldenBay

      Welcome to the PLAYSTATION NATION, We Play Together, We Die Together!!

  • GunsAndTheBeast

    Truth finally comes out. I can’t believe how easy it is for people to fall for the market speak. They lied once, why would you believe them twice? “Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.” Am i right?

    But sadly, some people decided to get fooled a million times more. Very sad display.

    • RJ

      Interesting comment

      Just noting that Microsoft never said the Xbox was more powerful or that COD Ghosts was running at 1080p

      Also, when it comes to lying just look at the history of Sony with PS3.
      I mean pre-rendered footage of Killzone 2
      Rumble is a last generation technology
      PS3 is capable of 4D graphics

      Anything else anyone wants to add here?

      • Tu Padre

        Blu ray isn’t needed…Oh wait that was M$.LOL

        • RJ

          M$ never backflipped on it

          they never said that Blu Ray is needed for Xbox 360 hence they never released Blu Ray on X360

      • GunsAndTheBeast

        it’s okay 720p.

      • Liam

        Bottom point was an april fools joke in 2007. Microsoft and Sony have both had a history of lies and trust me Microsoft far more. Xbox One and PS4 games will not be very distinguishable, but 2 years time PS4 will be obviously more powerful!

      • extermin8or2

        You realise 4D is 3D with practical effects in room with watcher/gamer so in theory any console that can do 3D can do 4D…. after all we can only really percieve 3D, 4D can only to my knowledge be represented as a illusion via drawing images/generating them in a special way on computers…

  • Larry Skells

    Ad-Box 720p

    • Tu Padre

      Give this man a cookie

      • dave

        Everyone should calm down, for most console gamers playing COD who will be sitting on their couch upscaling to 1080p on Xbox1 will mean most people will not even know the difference, it is only if you go really close up to the tv will you see the PS4 version is higher res.

  • KuchikiSentou

    They’re lying.

    • BillyHoWCR

      We already know Anthony backed out of his comment. and likely will the others.

  • Tu Padre


    • Scottie Richardson

      what? hahaha

  • RJ

    Given that BF4 runs 720p on Xbox one and 900p on PS4 and the differences are quite minor (yes PS4 looks better)

    I don’t see why you need to cancel the preorder. I mean it is upscaling to 1080p

    lets just wait for the comparison and compare

    • Maxcer Maxcer

      upscaling to 1080p doesn’t fix the problem of weaker hardware

      why do a comparison when you know the outcome? PS4 is pushing twice the amount of pixels as the Xbone. Or, are you waiting for DigitalFoundry to botch it’s head2head videos and crank the contrast way up for CoD;Ghosts too?

      • RJ

        I’m not disputing that COD ghosts won’t look better on PS4

        simply saying look at the comparison first and see if the differences are that much noticeable that you should cancel xbox one.

        Personally, if it looks that bad on Xbox one i’ll buy COD ghosts on PC

  • Slay

    Over-reacting. Xbox one is the definite version.

    • Michael Norris

      Keep telling yourself that…it’s not like those exclusives map packs aren’t coming to Ps4.

      • Tu Padre

        Lol we PS4 players get the best of both worlds better 1st party developers and a better system

      • GunsAndTheBeast

        hey let the man sleep easy alright?

  • Edonus

    If some would cancel there X1 because of the resolution of COD (without even seeing the game) they are a complete idiot. And probably shouldnt be playing video games anyway because we know stupid people dont have money.

    See what the internet has done. Miseducated all of these people that think the native resolution is a really big factor. When really…. its not.

    • Guest

      shut up

      • Edonus

        Dont want to hear that truth huh.

    • Trim Dose

      Keep leaving in the past Edoanus

      • Tu Padre

        He’s mad cuz his xbone is getting put in it’s place and next up is the unstable OS sh*t

    • Tu Padre

      Wait is the same moron Edonus from N4G??XD

      • Edonus

        Not for long they keep banning me for making fun of Ps4 fanboys and all the BS.

        I said the Ps4 Perfect Day commercial was just 2 guys singing to each other.

        and Wrote

        Gayness Await

        They banned me for 2 weeks and took me down to 1 bubble.

        You cant even crack a joke on that site. I dont even dislike the Ps4 I just like the X1 better.

        Oh but you are probably one the Sony Circle jerks that feel threatened by another persons logical expression of an opinion.

    • Michael Norris

      They are pissed because they are paying more money for the console.This will be the trend this gen,you buy a Xbone for exclusives and media enrich features not for 3rd party gaming.Kinda like the Ps3/360 just the shoe is on the other foot.

      • Edonus

        Nobody is pissed. I am completely happy and confident in my purchase. What sealed the deal for me was the enhanced media function… I like that hi tech $h!t. Voice commands gesture controls even if i didnt like the games or thought it was way under powered I would still get and X1. I would just probably get a Ps4 too.

        I actually work with this stuff and from my knowledge of actually working with it I know how much it really matters.

        Is it good that the Ps4 can pump out 1080p I would say easier this early…. yes. Is it an advantage…. yes. If Ps4 actually shows me something so much more advanced than the X1 can do I would get one.

        This resolution stuff is stupid and misleading, these people have no idea of what they are talking about. they have you thinking you are only getting 900k or so pixels from the X1 that is wrong. If the games resolution is 1080p the game is 1080p, every pixel you have on screen does not have to be unique to make the image.

        I dont want to go into a big long thing here (too late) but the true difference with this between 1080p and 720p is that at 1080p you have direct control over more pixels, when you are dealing with an upscaler more of those pixels are on auto pilot, it then becomes a question of how good the auto pilot is.

        • CannabisTV

          1080p is slightly more that 2x as many pixels. You clearly don’t understand that higher native resolution results in less jaggies and less of a need for anti aliasing. You say “every pixel you have on screen does not have to be unique to make the image.” That’s wrong, I can play a 240p Youtube video on an ipad and play it via HDMI adapter and it’ll upscale to 1080p but it’ll still look like a blurry pile of garbage. The XB1 is the same thing just to a lesser extent. I stuck with the 360 this gen but I’m not paying $100 more for a new console to get 1/2 the resolution. PS4 will give me better performance at a cheaper price.

        • Edonus

          Again you are still getting a 1080p image, and for the upscaled video (240p is a little extreme but so i’ll use and extreme) it depends on the image. What if its just a line. High end upscalers have effect in them that can battle certain artifacts different algorithms that can clean up work. Its a matter of power vs technique.

          You are not really getting half of the resolution, that the trick and the ignorance. When you look at at the Ps4 version and X1 version you are not looking at a straight 1080p image vs a 720p image. You are looking at an 1080p image and a upscaled to 1080p 720p image. Upscaling is not nothing.

          I am great with Photoshop do you know how close you have to be in order to see the difference between a 1 pixel and 2 pixels that are the same color or relative color, if the resolution is only double the difference is minute. And thats before you start putting in the enhancement and cleaning effects.

          I am just saying if the numbers in the native resolution (not even the images) scared you away from the X1 and all it offers you’ll be easy enough for MS to get back later on.

        • Majeed Belle

          You need to read up on what the differences are between 1080p and 720p. As CannabisTV states less “jaggies”, I’d say less boxing effect.
          Just read his comment.

    • Maxcer Maxcer

      maybe they’re cancelling their pre-orders because they don’t feel like paying an extra$100 for weaker hardware.

    • Lackey

      You’re mentally ill Edonus.

    • mydreamsofhonor

      Paying more! And getting less? Is better really? Edonus it is not wrong to like xbox one as its graphic are right now second best and you like it being good enough for you and paying more that your call too. No need for any explaintion or hard facts to back them up. Even with that said some of us like knowing the reason why it as good or not good and not just brand blindness! Of this time it look as both console are in trouble of not being very future proof. Ten year with 2013 mid range pc at best sound pretty sad to me. So if I do not cancel my pre-order before 10/22/2013 I pretty sure in the next five I will build my first pc for gaming and film editing. Hopefully in winter 2014 or when ddr4 ram motherboards come out.

      • Edonus

        Well i dont game on PCs… never liked it. I know Pc give you more power and all but I am a console gamer. I am just not comfortable on a PC.

        I am a very tech savvy person, I know the relation between technology and costs and how do to whats available and price constraints these consoles wont have that much of a difference in performance so its not like i am buying a Wii.

        I am actually very drawn to the MS media functions and cloud features. I have some knowledge of cloud tech and from what I have seen and what they have said it lines up to be a major factor.

        I love the idea of enhancing my entertainment center with voice and gesture control the multitasking and the app support turning my tv in to big tablet is well worth an extra $100. Not to mention expanded controls schemes and access to new genres thanks to kinect.

        I know MS will deliver the games and i am sure they will look great. Ryse Forza 5 and Quantum Break can go toe to toe with any game I have seen. Its not brand blindness its brand satisfaction.

        If The Ps4 shows me something more than slightly prettier games that i would need to sit with in 5 feet of my TV to notice a difference I may pick one up if the X1 games prove to be a bore. This resolution stuff is just a distraction.

        • YnotNDalton

          try gaming on a tv bigger than 42 inches and the diff in rez will become very apparent.. its not how close to the tv you sit its how big the tv is

        • EachToTheirOwn

          Agree about PC gaming. I just don’t get into sitting over a desk, hunched over a KB/M. I get enough of that all day at work. But unlike you, I hate voice/gesture control. But if you like it, that’s cool. I kinda know where you are coming from. Everyone is hatin on the fact that you are defending the Xbone. I disagree. Yes, it has less power, but you like the interface/media hub features. That is totally valid. I am going with the PS4 and a lot of peopple reckon that’s stupid coz I could get a “gaming” PC which is way stronger than PS4 in terms of processing power. I can certainly afford an expensive rig, but nobody can really understand that I do not like gaming on a PC. And, no, one cannot just connect a controller to PC and hook it up to a big screen and then game from the couch. As you would be competing with dudes who have a MKB at a desk. Not to mention the hacks that are far more prevalent on PC games. However, ceteris parabis, a higher resolution is better. If I could get a $5,000 PS4 that had all the latest hardware, I would. But then, who would make games for that rig that only a lucky few of us can afford?

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