Blockbuster UK PS4, Xbox One orders online require lettter

We have some important news for our readers in the UK now, especially those who have ordered a PS4 or Xbox One console from retailers Blockbuster UK. Unfortunately the chain is in trouble again in the UK and are set to go into administration for the second time in just 10 months.

Worse yet, we have now heard from Blockbuster themselves that all consumers who have a PS4 or Xbox One on order will not be able to receive their consoles anymore. Blockbuster UK has stated on Twitter that they won’t be ‘honoring’ any next-gen pre-orders, even telling disgruntled consumers to ‘contact the store where they purchased the console from’.

It gets even more worse if you decided to order a PS4 or Xbox One from Blockbuster UK online. We’re now hearing that consumers will have to send ‘a letter’ themselves to the company’s Uxbridge head office, which sounds very dubious indeed in terms of the chances of getting a full refund.

Can you believe that those who paid online now have to write a letter about their case? It could take weeks for the company to reply back to users individually amid all of the other problems. We just hope that those who have put an order down for a PS4 or Xbox One will be able to get a full refund.

Have you been affected by Blockbuster UK going into administration for a second time? Give us your story below.



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