Avengers Alliance Elite Agents for monthly fee debatable

By Alan Ng - Nov 1, 2013

We have an important heads-up for all Avengers Alliance players now, especially those who enjoy playing the game without being pushed to make a payment with real cash. If you are a regular player, you’ll know that the game balance has shifted somewhat in recent months to accommodate those willing to pay a bit extra to move up the ongoing PVP season leader boards.

However, some new rumors have materialized, suggesting that the game is going to be changing in a big way. You may be playing the game for free at the moment, but how would you feel know that Playdom is going to be offering a monthly subscription to play the game?

A MAA fansite on Facebook has revealed that Playdom will plan to introduce the S.H.I.E.L.D. Elite agent system into the game at a later date. This system is going to cost $20 USD a month and will offer Elite agents some bonuses in return for their payment each month.

According to the rumors these rewards are going to include 30 gold each month, 20 CP (command points) each month, a “SHIELD Elite Emblem” in your profile and photo and wait for it – exclusive weapons for Elite agents each month as well.

If you have Elite agent status, your game will be completely Ad free as well, no more pop-ups – nothing. However, as refreshing as this may sound, is the $20 fee per month worth it? Using the game’s gold conversion system, $20 per month can actually get you 85 gold, so basically that missing 50 gold is going to be used on the remaining items.

$20 can get you 85 gold in a 1:1 conversion instead.

$20 can get you 85 gold in a 1:1 conversion instead.

Considering that premium items are 64 gold a piece, this may actually not seem like a bad deal in the long run. Having said that, we have seen time and time again that premium items are released in a broken state, with Playdom making no effort whatsoever to fix them – the Cosmic Set and a Stun counter bug remain two of the biggest victims unfortunately. Dare we ask if these kind of tactics would happen on a console game? – We doubt it very much.

Playdom also are guilty of terrible customer service and the sheer amount of existing bugs in the game have forced many players to quit out of total frustration.

What is your reaction on plans to introduce a $20 monthly fee for the game? Will you be interested in paying up for the rewards, or will you carry on playing as normal and hope that these free Elite Agent weapons do not affect the balance of PVP for upcoming seasons?

Update: Just to clarify things after reading some comments, if this Elite agent system is happening for $20 a month, it is more than likely going to start off as optional. This means that free players can still play for free. Let’s wait until we get a confirmation from Playdom in the meantime – hope you are all enjoying the Thor 2 Specs Ops!

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  • David Tran

    Honestly, Idon’t know what you are worrying about. The game will still be free at all ( I think so ). This just like a bonus golds/weapons like the limited edition weapons for those who willing to pay for it. I’m a totally free player but i play pvp and even got to ada last season and got spiral. I just started playing in June 2013. I don’t think playdom is crazy enough to do something stupid to their game. Also you don’t have to pay to win in pvp, i’m sure.

  • Igor

    It would be appreciated if you stopped referring to people who play a free-to-play game without paying for it freeloaders, or we’ll have to start calling you cash-cows. ESO will launch at 15$/month. Can MAA be compared to it? 60$ for 3 months of premium. That’s 1 AAA multiplayer game which you can later play for years. Unless it’s an EA game…

  • Ronald M. Droll

    $20 a month? NP for the amount of time MAA entertains me it is a no brainer. Figure what does WoW or EQ cost a month or a new pc or x-box game cost?

  • James Clark

    ok first off they are not calling this as a pay to play. this is just another VIP, they will not be killing their cash cow by forcing payments out of people who dont have or arent willing to spend money for a free game. the VIP feature just gives a slightly better weapon every so often (and it usually released to the rest a couple days to a few weeks later to the rest.) so you arent going to be giving up huge amounts to the wallet warriors, and as far as the gold and or CPs they arent as much as you would gain if you are the occasional buyer. and as far as those people who are going to pay for a premium service, let them that doesnt have to affect you, you are already losing to those people in pvp now, so whats the difference these people are going to pay for you to get the benefits. just relax and enjoy your favorite game

  • joshyjoshjosh

    this is a load of bull****. i dont want to pay for a game i like and have been playing for a long time. (level 194) i buy gold lots too though so I AM NOT A ****ING FREELOADER

  • richie

    i love the game very much however i’m not willing to pay to play it.. Playdom just wants to earn more money from the players.. -_-

  • asar

    I already quit when I saw MAA expiring those lockboxes and knew things in MAA will get worse

  • GeorgeTakeiOhMy

    The butthurt is strong in this post.

    • Kevin Bermes

      Indeed, This is simple VIP for MAA, Nothing more, Half of these people posting on here think this article sais you have to pay $20 just to play MAA now???? I dont know why, but heck, if they want to quit, then later. Just to let some people understand something. Playdom makes most of there money off SPENDERS, NOT FREELOADERS. You’re not going to hurt them by quitting… Trust me… Actually you freeloaders owe a thank you to THE SPENDERS, They’re the ones who keep this game up and running…

  • benjo

    i’ll quit for sure this time..fuck with your 20$ PD..and even 50gold to skip last task of spec ops…you’re too greedy…fuck yourself…

  • Cal

    Congratulations PD, this is the perfect plan to make MAA players quit the game.

  • Ronald Legasto

    SO as my fellow MUG’ers

  • NgTurbo

    It looks like Kevin has started some open challenges on PVP.. 🙂

    • Kevin Bermes

      Haha,he brought the challenge, i accepted.. Got to love MAA trash talking… So NgTurbo, are you in favor for VIP sir?

  • dennis

    i don’t really care about PvP, i like the storyline and spec ops. So, monthly fee to boost my chances in PvP? i’ll pass. But thanks in advance to those who will decide to pay that fee. You help keeping the game running. I used real cash before for some LE weapons, respins etc. Perhaps, i’ll try to stop that since i don’t have unlimited fund for that forever.

  • thatguy

    good luck on that,, sure you will still get a few people stupid enough to pay for the game but at the rate they bleed people due to the above mentioned problems as well as a pvp system that rewards those who script and hack as well as the constant problems with little to no customer service I doubt they will have anyone playing by next year

  • Josef Koen

    Josef Koen this sucks i am almost to level 200 ind to make people pay no good not everyone is from america europe or uk where it is easy to pay in dollars we all dont have that money!!!!

  • Marlon Fernandez

    i think this is goodbye to my favorite game =(

    • Kevin Bermes

      Good bye

      • Agent Minyak

        good bye MAA 🙁

    • Cruz Mark Vincent

      IM WITH YOU SIR @marlon_fernandez:disqus .,…SAY GOODBYE TO OUR FAVORITE GAME =( =(!

    • Ronald Legasto

      i’m a bit disappointed.. maybe this is goodbye 🙁

  • Kevin Bermes

    I like this and actually heard rumors a few days ago. Look, MANY other MMORPG games have VIP members, and most of the time it’s more then $20 a month. MAA has a great foundation already for all players, new or old, They can still get really good weapons. The game has been out for a long time, I think it’s time for VIP. Maybe these weapons will be really good, MAYBE not.

    It’s simple, if you really love MAA then whats $20 a month? For the people who are going to cry “it was free”, Ahhhh NO, It IS still free you fools….. Life aint fair, and this game should not be fair at all, It’s a dog eat dog game. I dont want you to have all my weapons, YOU dont want me to have all your weapons, This is NOT pokemon “Gota catch them all” Bring on the VIP

    • pvp master

      ill kick your ass at pvp brrrringg it

      • kevin

        You could try, I’m Agent Falcon son. I’ve been doing this since day 2 MAA came out. BTW, Have a strong feeling you’re not level 300. And thats were I and the big boys play. haha, But you’re more then welcome to come get it.

    • freeeedoom

      seems that money came out from your ass easily huh ??

  • Joshua Michael Parsons

    i dont think its worth making it a p2p game especially on fb this in terms is the dumbest thing to do cause if they make it to where we have to sub the game then they will loose lots of players especially those who dont have a job. hence therefore i dont think there should be any subscription those who want to be gold buyers that is fine but it doesnt matter about pvp because the gold buyers want the higher rewards and thats why they buy more of the pvp gear.

    • tom

      gold buyers have an advantage when it comes to pvp dont try to say they dont. with the gold you can buy all kinds of stuff to make your pvp group over powered i kno fought against many gold buyers and get killed in one hit when im like level 160 and they are the same level not right

  • PKB

    You do realize that you are citing MAALatinos as a source and they are easily the least accurate source for information about the game there is, right?

    • Way to Go

      Way to go laying low on MAA, lol.

  • Jason Leong Shang Ming

    ??? You guys haven’t been playing much, have you???

    Anyone could tell you… PvP gives a HEAVY advantage to gold buyers, even without this Elite Agent thing. zzz.

    I can tell you straight off… OF COURSE the Elite Agent weapons will affect the balance of PvP.

    … Next you’ll tell me that you didn’t know that paying 20 gold for early unlock of PvP armory pages wasn’t a huge change in the balance of PvP… zzz…

  • Wasi Jafri

    hey PD please don’t do that…..this is my most lovable game and if you do this many players will leave this game i’m 100% sure

  • madch


  • Ankit Mishra

    20 USD Is 1380/- Odd INR In India…
    LOL… If I Save That For Another Month… I Can Have A New PS3 Game.
    Another Playdom’s Played Dumb. -_-

  • Sharon Elaine Janes

    They will lose the game then. I will be quitting!!!!!!!!!

    • Kevin Bermes

      Then quit, go play pokemon, I and many other will pay $20 for VIP, Many people will NOT pay $20, And those same people who will not pay, STILL CAN PLAY THE GAME… You do get that part right? I’m not so sure you do understand this….

      • tom

        its not the point that non money spenders will be able to play still ists the point that the ones that do will have massive advantage and thus the game will not be fair for all who play it

        • Joe

          the game is currently not fair to those who do not pay. If you do not realize that then you sure will not get that this is not going to be that big of deal either.

        • James Clark

          the game is not nor has it ever been about fair play those who spend have a greater advantage than those who do not no one is making you spend but by choosing to not spend doesnt make it an unfair disadvantage to you it just means that others are willing to pay to be better than you

      • Sharon Elaine Janes

        Excuse me Kevin but you are talking to a disabled grandma here and I think that you are very disrespectful!! I don’t play Pokemon!!! And I cannot afford to play for money!!! Have you ever tried to live with multiple disabilities? I think not!! We live on very low incomes and I worked and paid taxes all my life until I was over 60 years old. Please be a little more sensitive!!!

        • Kevin Bermes

          Ok, I’ll play nice. Ms. Janes you can still play the game for free, I understand that you and others can not, or will not pay for a game like this, and thats fine. Playdom is just trying to bring in some extra cash, thats it nothing more. But we have to respect that, after all this is a business and people are willing to pay $20 a month for VIP, Any business is willing to make huge profit, I know you understand this.

          Lastly, here’s what i came up with-

          Lets look at this idea using the raw numbers. There’re 3.8 million MAA players. Maybe half of those are active players, so lets go with 1.6 million. Lets cut all the non PVP players out, Now were right around 1 million, then cut out all the people banned from PVP, Now i bet were closer to 750,000. Honestly i think maybe 75,000 people including myself will be more then happy to sign up for VIP… These VIP members will not effect OVER 2 million MAA players AT ALL. Correct? Now, once again it all comes down to these weapons, IF you want to compete at a high level for PVP, Then take take the chance for VIP… This is how i look at this topic. And i’m 50/50 on these VIP weapons. I dont trust playdom enough on any weapons to come out…

          You dont need to quit, I apologize for my last post friend

        • irv

          Personally I don’t care for the VIP because I don’t PVP. I’ve played since Spec Ops 2nd maybe have pumped in 60-70 dollars. I’m fine with buying extra stuff, if they begin to make players pay for story content/characters I’m out. I understand it’s only a VIP thing fro gold and extra weapons, but it’s a scary thing to think about. Many FB games have gone that route. The pay for characters, not the story content route. I haven’t payed money in months now and I still reached Vib. Pumping in money is not worth a 135 hero IMO. But if peopel want to pay 20, all the power to them. I do wish however they would, maybe force PD to actually fix their system of doing things – like bad player service.

        • Captain Sarcasm

          No, we don’t “have to respect that.” If you choose to respect that, it’s your prerogative. But “we” don’t “have to respect that.”

          And you inventing a bunch of numbers doesn’t change the fact that this game will DIE if it does not either A) stay F2P>P2W, or B) improve dramatically if they expect people to pay for it. So pump all the money you want to into Playdom’s pockets, it’s yours to spend. But realize that “we” are under no obligation to follow you down that idiotic path with “our” money, friend.

  • Ichimaru_Gin7


  • pao

    they can kiss my ass

  • Captain Sarcasm

    I only pay companies that act like professionals for their services. The notion that somebody would pay $20 per month for gitches, horrible game design, constant crashes, poor development, a blind eye to cheaters/hackers while they ban loyal players (!), and the worst imaginable customer service is completely laughable. Hey Playdom, I pay $7.99 per month for Netflix! Can you imagine if they ran their company like you do yours? The only reason anybody still plays this game is because it’s F2P. This is a little dose of reality coming to you from the world where grownups don’t like having their complaints ignored, for something they pay you idiots for!

    Something like 70% of the M:AA players I know are on serious outs with this game anyway. If PD makes this a subscription service, they will lose the bulk of their player-base, which sort of seems what they are bent on achieving anyway. More power to them, but they will be doing so without me!

    • NgTurbo

      Some home truths right there people.

      • Captain Sarcasm

        Hey man, I see you are a mod. I think my reply to the post above is perfectly reasonable, considering his tone and that he was anonymous. Yet when I refresh, I see it has been taken down. I certainly mean you no disrespect, but what gives? I edited out the foul language.

        Anyway (no longer addressing NgTurbo), “Guest”/Kevin/Whoever-You-Are, take another look at the article. It is right in the second paragraph. See that, you can read yourself, right?

        • NgTurbo

          Which reply was taken down? I didn’t remove anything.. maybe the system wasn’t up to scratch when you tried to post the comment…apologies if it hasn’t shown.

        • Captain Sarcasm

          One that is a reply to “Guest” above this one. Never mind then, perhaps it was a system thing. Thanks all the same.

    • Kevin Bermes

      Do you know how to read? I dont think you do… Please tell me where it sais “subscription service” in the article? IT DOES NOT SAY THAT, So quit making up false info and looking like a fool. IT DOES say VIP members, And THOSE VIP members will pay a subscription service, IF THEY WANT TO. You free loaders can still play the game all you want. How is that hard to understand? What is wrong with you boy?

      It’s simple, if you really love MAA then whats $20 a month to be VIP? If you have a problem with that, Then run along boy, go play pokemon or mind craft. You’re welcome

  • Thomas Wagner

    kiss my danish white arse then!!!!!!!