SPOILER: Assassin’s Creed 4 ending is cliché

By Peter Chubb - Oct 29, 2013

We do find it strange how certain gamers purchase a new game, but then feel the need to spoil things for themselves. This is evident with Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag, as we have already seen people posting cheats online, which to us seems a bit too soon.

Something else that we find strange is why people are already showing the Assassin’s Creed 4 ending on YouTube? Before you go any further we must warn that some of this content contains SPOLIERS.

If you do not mind knowing about the ending of AC4 Black Flag, then we would first like to say that the ending is a cliché because it is a happy ending. Some fans will have something to say about this because we have already seen one of them say “The ending does not offer any hints to Assassin’s Creed 5.”

We would say we do not want to give too much away but we feel we may have already don soe. In that case, the ending is a bit lame, although that is just personal opinion. Watch the Assassin’s creed 4 ending in the video below.

In other news, we have seen an Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag PS3 vs. PS4 comparison, and we have already had a bit of a response. And for those who are not too worried about missions and just enjoy free roaming, then this video showing you Havana free roam footage might be right up your street.

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  • metronomic1

    Sorry but that was not a happy ending at all.

  • Bob Johnson Smithman

    They screwed up the modern story in III ! Didn’t think they could make it any worse – it was a fresh start after all! – but they sank that ship to a new low. Ending in Black Flag, a let-down. No emotional intensity, no feeling of connection to some STRANGER daughter, who I felt no love for. Nor did I give a damn about snooze worthy Hatham. Didn’t give a flying fridge about Eddy’s fiancé/ wife..zzz. Seems like Eddy wanted to be with a woman like Anne from the start! Dare I mention the gameplay? Enemies stand around you, waiting for you to kill them as you cut their friends apart one by one, only attacking one at a time, most of the time. Tail missions should have died three games ago – lengthly, agitatingly* slow (*yes that’s a word now, in the Bob Johnson Smithman Dictionary) – only there to give repeated, poor, unsubtle dialogue: “We are conspiring.”
    “We are evil” “Morality is only black and white”. Also, every notable figure’s either a Templar or Assassin – really? What’s the obsession with making everyone part of those stupid cults?, there’s no point to anything anymore, the climax building up to the end of the world from II ended in III and here, modern story is stupid, cameo BS “Oh, my name is Shaun.. and this is Rebecca… and I am Shaun, and we like to speak VERY LOUDLY BECAUSE WE DO THAT, you, Mr or Misses (identity unknown) Mute, will be our spy… did I mention my name is Shaun. Oh and I AM ALSO A SHAPESHIFTER AND DIED MY HAIR BLACK AND REBECCA IS A SHAPESHIFTER BECAUSE EVERY FEW WEEKS OUR CHARACTER MODELS CHANGE.” badbye

    • Liac0s

      Just because you haven’t read any books, it doesn’t mean the game is bad. The daughter of Edward’s is Jenny, and if you read Assassin’s Creed Forsaken, you would know EVERY bit of her. But yeah, why read when you can blame? Also, ACIII’s ending was great. If you felt no emotional feeling in BF and you did in ACII, then you have a problem as a person who learns through games, if you do of course, otherwise, you are wasting your time playing AC. Stay stupid and become more educated! So you can be ruled by those who want to get advantage of you.

      • Bob Johnson Smithman

        You cannot write half a story and expect us to finish it by reading the book. The game is NOT bad, the gameplay is fun, with flawed A.I., but the STORY is what is bad.

        btw, what kind of writing is

        Man: *cough cough* Miss Jennifer Kenway. May I introduce myself…

        Jen (aggressive tone): Jennifer Scott, if you please! (leaves area)…

        Well, what a conversation that was!

        The emotional intensity in Creed II is “Some creepy ancient being has fortold the total destruction of all of humankind. We must find the temples!”. In Brotherhood: “We must find Eve!”. Revelations “Yes! We did it! We’ve found the Temple! Finally, after these years of waiting for the next games, we did it! ONE MORE GAME TO GO!”

        Then Creed III begins by putting you on another wild goose chase for a key! Also those blocks need to be found to even allow full access to the temple. How many rare things must we keep finding!

        And the time I spend in Black Flag and most AC games is to explore the aesthetics of the world that Ubi have created – I appreciate that, but not the story.

        Liac0s: “Stay stupid and become more educated! So you can be ruled by those who want to get advantage of you.” LOLWUT!?