Pumpkin carving ideas – Chevy Jack O’ Lantern stencils

With Halloween just around the corner, we do hope that you have managed to sort out your Jack O’ Lantern for this yea, if not you are leaving it a bit late. However, we have you covered because we have been looking for some last minute pumpkin carving ideas for you, and if you love your cars, then we might have found something.

We cannot be certain if we have seen anything like this before from a car manufacturer because if you head over to the Chevy Facebook page they have several Chevy Jack O’ Lantern stencils for you to choose from.

All of the Pumpkin stencils look amazing, but we can’t help feel these are not for beginners, and so you need to brush up on your skills, although you don’t have long to do so.

Last minute pumpkin ideas from Chevy
Last minute pumpkin ideas from Chevy

Choosing our favorite pumpkin carving idea is a tough one because there are several patterns to choose from, but if push came to shove we would have to go with Truck or Treat and the Corvette Stingray inspired Jack O’ Lantern for Halloween 2013.

If you had a choice of any car brand pumpkin carving stencils, who would it be? Ours would have to be Ferrari.



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