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Pokemon X and Y Friend Safari Ditto with code generosity

If you are currently enjoying Pokemon X and Y but are looking for a new way to explore the game after completion, you may want to check out the Pokemon X and Y Friend Safari. Experimenting with the Friend Safari will enable you and your friends to discover brand new Pokemon, one of which is the elusive Ditto.

In order to make the most out of Friend Safari though, you will need help from your friends. Luckily though, that is where the generous Pokemon community has shone through as we have noticed that Pokemon X and Y fans have taken to various social boards to happily share out their 3DS Friend Code so that players can start using the Friend Safari much more quicker than normal.

Awaiting you inside the Friend Safari will be Ditto, who is arguably one of the most popular creatures in the entire franchise. You may not know it, but Ditto is obtainable in the Friend Safari as well, meaning that you won’t have to spend the time trying to catch one via the flower fields in the Pokemon Village.

Aside from Ditto, you also have the chance to catch two other Pokemon in the Friend Safari, a total of three and Pokemon that will all be level 30. These Pokemon could be very rare indeed or even Pokemon that are exclusive to the opposite version of the game that you are playing with – Eevee is just one example of a Pokemon that can be found in the Friend Safari.

Have you caught a Ditto yet!?
Have you caught a Ditto yet!?

With this in mind, you’ll be pleased to visit the following page to make your Friend Safari adventures a lot more pleasurable. You’ll find Pokemon X and Y Friend Codes over at Reddit here, simply locate the 12 digit code next to a user’s name.

Good luck and let us know who you have managed to catch in the Safari. Do you already have a Ditto or are you still looking? Feel free to post your 3DS Friend Codes below as well if you want to.



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