GTA V North Yankton DLC release deception

By Peter Chubb - Oct 29, 2013

There has been a great deal of attention made to a rumor regarding the first GTA V DLC, which went by the name of North Yankton. To many of us this seemed too good to be true, and there were signs that all was not right, and so it came as no surprise to learn that this downloadable content was in fact a hoax.

Even though the deception of the GTA 5 North Yankton DLC release comes as no surprise, it is clear that fans of the game are not happy with the guy who started the prank and as such has been expressing their anger towards him

Anything to do with Grand Theft Auto 5 is huge news at the moment, and so it was obvious that theNGclan would generate a huge amount of interest, which was why he did it in the first place.

We do find it funny that when he created the GTA V DLC hoax, he did not realize the sort of momentum it got, but we believe he is not being very truthful. It does not take a genius to work out his deceit.

The hoax only started out as a little thread on Reddit, but did not take long for the snowball effect to occur. Were you taken in with the hoax, or did you realize all was not what it seemed from the start?

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  • Gumby65

    North Yankton was linear. And it was boring. Concocted BS.

  • jamie

    This is the first i have heard of it.