GTA V iFruit app sees incompatible Android devices

By Peter Chubb - Oct 29, 2013

Gamers enjoying GTA V were so pleased when Rockstar released its companion app because it allowed them to get much more from the game, as well as have a bit of side fun as well. However, not all were happy, as the GTA V iFruit app was only made available for iOS users, such as those with an iPad and iPhone.

The Grand Theft Auto: iFruit app was nowhere to be seen for Android, until yesterday. It has been a long wait but the day finally came where Android users would be able to use this companion app.

However, all is not fine because there are several Android devices that are not compatible with the iFruit app, but if you have a Nexus 4 or Nexus 7, then you have no worries at all. This is seen as a huge kick in the teeth, as it has been a long wait and seen a petition start up to see the app released, and when it does it comes with limitations.

GTA V iFruit incompatible Android devices – There has been a huge response to what Android devices are compatible with iFruit, and it is not looking good for many of you. We know so far that the Droid RAZR M, Droid 4, Droid DNA, and some Galaxy S4, Razr Maxx HD, Z Ultra devices cannot run the app.

These are just a few devices listed to us by Product Reviews readers, but we would like to know if there are any more. The next question is, what about GTA iFruit app for Windows Phone?

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  • Amy

    Incompatible with my Samsung Tab3… ARRRRRRGH *HULK MODE ACTIVATED*!!!

  • Kade

    incompatible on my samsung tab 2….getting fustritated

  • Bo

    Doesn’t work on the HTZ Rezound….

  • Epsilon

    Doesn’t work with Galaxy S2, have seen many others saying the same for S2. For me the issue in all this is that Rockstar promised an app specifically for iPhone and Android and now when it’s finally released for Android it seems like the compatibility is very limited, and no word from Rockstar about the compatibility. They should have at the same time made a list of compatible / incompatible devices and also let us know if anything will be done about the compatibility issues or if it will stay this way.

    • Epsilon

      Forgot to add that I’m using Android 4.1.2 on my S2 and it’s a GT-I9100

  • Tipstaff

    Works on my HTC One S (S4) running MaximusHD 10.0.0 custom rom (JB 4.2.2)