Batman Arkham Origins Wii U vs. PS3, Xbox 360 surprise

By Peter Chubb - Oct 29, 2013

Knowing that Batman Arkham Origins is not going to be released on the PS4 and Xbox One, there is no fear of current-gen versions being compared to next-gen. With this in mind, we have to ask if it would be much of a shock to learn that the third game from the Batman Arkham series was better on the Wii U than it was on the PS3 and Xbox 360?

Before you get into the debate, we would just like to add that the Batman Arkham Origins GamePad features are not like they were with last year’s game. The features are limited in the way that you cannot select weapons or leveling up, all you can do is check your map and talk to Alfred.

However, where the Wii U version of the game performs better is in terms of framerate, as there are fewer drops than you get with the Xbox 360, and more so on the PS3. According to a NeoGaf user there is less screen tearing and there are far less glitches.

That’s not the only benefit, as we are also being told that the Batman Arkham Origins gameplay is much brighter on the Wii U version than the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3.

We would like to know if you agree with this, but it is worth pointing out that the Wii U version does not support multiplayer, which is a huge negative for some gamers?

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  • Jock_Nerd

    The weak(er) reviews deter me from buying the game altogether. That’s too bad. Shame that the GamePad wasn’t utilized to its maximum.

    • Fenola

      I don’t care about reviews anymore…. I just play the game that I love….

      the only real review inmy opinion was from gametrailers which gave the game 8.7/10

      from one friend to another :
      If You’re a fan of batman and if you liked Arkham City….you definitly will LOVE origins….

  • yienwae

    That’s great. I hope the Wii U fan base purchases this game. I want to, but it’s actually going down to third on my priority list. Unless my son suddenly tells me he would like this game over Pokemon Y. Then it pushes it up to first and Pokemon goes to third. Game number 2 for me is Deus Ex. However, if Watchdogs had came out, all this would have been moot. 😀

  • shadus

    How is this a surprise? First Warner Bros Montreal first job as a studio was to port Arkham city to the Wii U. They know the hardware better then PS3 , Xbox 360. Second the wii u processor is much more advanced the ps3 xbox360( its multi threaded allowing its cores to work more optimally together when programmed together) and its gpu is leagues better. The wii u will never get close to ps 4 or xbox one in power but being surprised that it surpasses the current gen reaks of an amateurish understanding of basic hardware knowledge.

    • AreYouKidding

      The Wii U processor is much worse than the PS3 and Xbox 360 processor. It doesn’t run even at 2 GHz.

      • shadus

        Neither does the Xbox one or PS 4. Why do you think that they would run a slower speed processor in the next gen console? Simple processors are much much much more complicated then just a single number. The Wii u is 3 core out of order processor with each core capable of running 2 threads at a time(6 threads). The xbox 360 is a three core in order processor , while the ps3 cell is a 7 core in order processor but 6 of those cores are like mini core cores the do task for the main core. The xbox 360 and ps3 must do task in order for example “A” then “B” then “C”. While each core can do a task to split up the work it cannot process “C” till “A” and “B” are completed. The next gen processors can all process “A” “B” and “C” at the same time and if “C” finishes ahead of “A” and “B” it can still run the process. If you try to run code designed for the 360 or ps3 through the wii u yes it hiccups be cause of the slower clock speed the same as it would for the xbox one or ps4. However if you use the advantages of out of order processing all the next gen cpu blow away the current gen(wii u still being the weakest)
        Conditionals: guess Wikipedia needs to be updated cause it has WB montreal as the developers of arkham city armored edition(the wii u port only) Rocksteady developed the other versions.
        PS please forgive my poor example trying to illustrate my point, if a computer science major can offer a better one I will be happy to use it in further posts to illustrate the advantages of out of order processing,

    • conditionals

      Agree that it’s definitely no surprise (though I think the title is sarcastic), but WB Montreal actually didn’t develop the Wii U version.

  • Deadpool U

    When has everyone ever played a Arkham game for multiplayer?

    • WellWisher

      I’d save money and not get multiplayer.