Batman Arkham Origins patch 1.1 release demanded

By Peter Chubb - Oct 29, 2013

When we learned that Batman Arkham Origins was to be developed by a different company there were fears for the franchise, but the new developer has managed to stick with the right formula, while also bringing something new to the table.

However, it seems as though the developer, WB Montreal has gotten things a little wrong and has now seen a Batman Arkham Origins patch 1.1 release being demanded. Thankfully, the dev has listened because an update has been submitted to Sony.

The reason for the patch is due to a framerate issue with the PS3 version of Batman Arkham Origins, and while you wait you are advised to reduce fast travel, which to us is not an ideal solution. It is for this reason why the patch is needed, and fast.

We are hearing from Product Reviews readers that there are other Batman Arkham Origins glitches as well. The Burnely Comm Tower glitch is causing a huge issue for players, which you can see in the first video below. There is a solution to this, but it is not ideal, see for yourself in the second video.

We are sure these are not the only issues within the game, and so we ask that you share your Batman Arkham Origins problems with our readers.

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  • Csebák Richárd

    I downloaded reloaded version. Earlier I had the version, in which the language can be russian. My saved games vanished, when I installed the second version. Now I installed the game third time(!!!) have the reloaded version. Burnley tower is ok, but batman’s hands are like made of glass, when he hangs from the vent in burnley tower, but he can enter. I can see my saves againg, great,sad I. But!!!!!

    Bírd Mission. I beat everyone in the gang fight earlier. Last thug too, I did not know it is bugged. Cannot interrogate, not respawned, was not interrogating option I remember,great. I read somewhere, when we make a restart, we must beat every enemy, or enter a door, after make a restart. I made a restart from the last checkpoint. The game says interrogate the last standing thug. BUT THERE IS NOBODY FIGHTING THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!sHOULD INTERROGATE THE WALLS OR THE THRASH CANS THERE?? I INSTALLED THE GAME 3 TIMES, TRIED ALL THE 3 PATCHES. THANKS WB FOR THE GAMING EXPERIENCE!!!!!i SUGGEST TRY NOT TO WRITE PROGRAMS, GO RETIRE, OR GO FISHING, OR SOMETHING ELSE. THIS GAME WAS GREAT BUT YOU GUYS MADE THE FANS VERY ANGRY.

  • Csebák Richárd

    And, I set all the graphic settings in off mode. After that the game not freezes. Try it guys, it helped me!

  • Csebák Richárd

    Guys!Does update 3 fixes the bird bug?Someone tried it?Can I interrogate after installing update 03? I do not want to start the whole game from the beginning again, third(!!!!) time. I fear a little bit, when I try, I must restart the game from the beginnin again.Please answer me guys, someone who tried it. Perhaps later when it comes a hungarian language pack, i will try it, but I have a little bit enough from this game, “thanks”‘ to the lot of errors. I waited it so long, but it is a little disappoint for me, “thank” to the bugs.

    I have another problem. When I want to go up to the rang ladder in worst nightmare, I detected an error. It says throw a sonic batarang near an enemy. When he lures perform a takedown. I tried it, on a lot of enemy, but a lot of them does not care about the batarang. They do not hear it, ignore it. When I perform a takedown, after I throwed a snonic batarang, it does not gives me the rang. It is why the last most wanted mission is not given to me? I have still bird mission left, enigma datapacks in some districts, and this blackgate escort side mission left.

  • John Cena

    Does anybody else have trouble moving on with story mode after defeating copper head and not getting the little cut scene

  • Alex

    After the fight with Bird in the “My Alibi” bar I started looking for the 2 datapacks. When I entered the second room everything went black except for Batman and the door. After I went back to the first room the same thing happened again. I could see the main entrance so I somehow found my way out by checking the map every 2 seconds. When I finally got out everything was black and Batman started falling and I can’t stop him.The worst part is that the games saved as soon as I exited the bar and I can’t return to a previous checkpoint. So now I’m stuck falling into a bottomless black pit.Thank you very much WB Montreal…

    • Pádraic Ó’Bróithe

      I just had this very same thing happen to me. I finished the game last night and was cleaning up the secondary stuff and now falling in the Abyss after finishing off Bird inside My Alibi.

    • Pádraic Ó’Bróithe

      I just had this very same thing happen to me. I finished the game last night and was cleaning up the secondary stuff and now falling in the Abyss after finishing off Bird inside My Alibi.

    • Philotomy

      Same issue here. I don’t think a patch is going to fix my saved game…

  • Vesi Roy

    I just had an issue with the dead shot fight, I took out all but one of his thugs, before I took dead shot himself out, than the final thug and nothing happens. I walk out of the bank and walked back in and it was the empty with the hostage still crouched down on the floor as if still surrounded by dead shot and his thugs. Unfortunately it had saved after I cleared the room, so I’m stuck. On top of that I do get the occasional glitch where none of my quick fire gadgets work in combat. I’m playing it on 360 and downloaded the game disc to my hard drive, please address these issues

  • james

    The amount of anger I am experiencing right now is crazy. This game just froze during an autosave and corrupted all my work. Well, after dropping 80$ on this piece of trash, I think ill go commit suicide because of the depression the new developers have caused me. Thank you so much. Please, do the world a favor and quit your jobs and go jump off a bridge.

  • Aaron

    I came across an insurmountable bug in the sewers of Blackgate. After triggering the fusebox that starts the pump generator and raises the water level, I was unable to throw glue grenades on the water to progress. I called it a night, and when I went back to it the water was low, the fuse box destroyed and the activation button for the electric current was no longer interactive. Batman keeps saying over and over (and over and over) that he needs to use the remote batarang, but it’s now impossible and there’s no way for me to progress without a patch. Trading it in tomorrow.

  • Michael West

    So ever since I’ve gotten this game my PS3 “sort of” freezes if I try to run netflix, amazon prime, or playstation store. Is this just a coincidence or did this game really screw me this hard?

    By sort of freezes I mean the screen turns dark and nothing loads. If you press the center button on the controller nothing comes up. Normally when I have a freeze issues with anything I’ll hold the button on the front until it turns off. Normally it slows down then beeps two times before shutting down. But this isn’t the case now, if you hold down the button the lights will turn off on the console for a moment then tell me my PS3 is under going an automatic update (though there are no updates to be had).

    Basically, wtf m8

  • Chris

    During the predator mission when you have to save harley, I died and had to restart, but some glitch occurred. Now every time I start from my checkpoint it just shows batman in some dark place falling all the way to the bottom until he dies where it does it again and I’m stuck in a loop

  • Gunther the Mighty

    When I entered the church after destroying all the drug caches, I felt I had been spotted too many times so I chose to restart from my last check point. Now when I go to my map, it says I still have one drug cache left to destroy, but when I go to Black Mask’s Most Wanted missions, it says I’ve destroyed them all and to enter the church. However, when I try to enter the church, the door is locked.

  • jayste73

    Finished the game once, crashed while saving so I lost that save and had to start again, 98% of Enigma done.
    Finished the game again and now I’ve not unlocked Chiva and the convicts haven’t escaped, 100% Enigma done.
    Will I have to start another game now?
    I’m on xbox

  • catsamurai16

    Missing Enigma Data packs, dropped sound effect with I’m fighting or gliding, and slow reaction time when I activate Quick Travel. But all in all, I’ve had fun.

    • catsamurai16

      When does the patch come out?

  • Disgruntled Arkham Fan

    On my PS3 version the framerate is still abysmal even after patch 1.02.
    Furthermore, every combat situation has intense lag, Batman doesn’t move near as fast as he did in the other games, is this supposed to be the deal because “he’s younger and more inexperienced”? Because for me, getting hit all the time because the character’s responsiveness is completely off seems like a production mistake… NO fluidity AT ALL!

  • Csebák Richárd

    To find Deadshot you must crawl to the top of a bilding opposite the s.o.s signal. A very high building, you can see flames coming at the top of it.Search there a flame, which sends the S.O.S signal, wait, afther that comes a Chopter which falls, crashes. Than you would be able to investigate it, and the mission begins. I saw it on youtube, first time I did not find it too,as you.

    I have a question too. In th most wanted mission:There is Penguin, Black Mask, Enigma, Anarchy, Mad hatter, Shiva, Bird, and another character is locked for me. Who is it?Is it Two face, or Falcone?Please write to me the answer at In bird mission I have the same problem too,I cannot interrogate the last standing thug, cause nobody respawns, and nobody stands up. After that can you unlock the disarm and destroy move. Earlier not sadly.

    • jayste73

      The last one of wanted missions is after you finish Joker 20 convicts escape from prison and you go around rounding them up.
      Hope this helps

      • Csebák Richárd

        Thank you my friend. I solved 8 chases in investigation, in detective mode, recreation the murders, one is still missing, but there comes no more calls from GCPD to solve cases, like earlier. I still have Enigma datapacks in the game, is it a problem for last Most wanted mission?It is why I cannot enter this last most wanted mission, or it is a bug?I think it is a bug then, or error. I read somwhere that the last character in Most Wanted is Snake, Bane’s men. It is so? In this falls there is no Snake side mission, right?

        I think the game good Mixes the length, the places, the great buildings from Arkham Asylum, and the City Maps from Arkham city, and the fight system too. I think it is a very good game,despite the sadly errors. It is

  • chasebraden

    I can’t finish the Black Mask side mission. I’ve destroyed all the drug stashes, but the last one I destroyed is still on the map. When I go there, there is nothing there (since I already destroyed it). It says to confront Black Mask at the church on the side mission page, but it’s not on my map. When I try to enter the church, it says the door is locked. Also, several times, when I went to the Enigma data handler locations, nobody was there. However, I returned later to find the data handlers. Several bad guys got stuck in walls/corners. A few lagging issues.
    WBG – Great game, but next time you release a big title like this, increase the game testing budget, please. Frustrations like this can ruin a good game. I spent almost $90 on this game (after DLC), so please patch these issues soon.

    • chasebraden

      I bought for PS3, btw.

  • Julian

    Even though I have no DLCs the game tells me I have corrupted content and throws me back to the menu.

  • Frustrated

    Well, it looks like WB strikes again… I bought the PS 3 Collectors Edition of the Game and the nearly $40.00 Collectors Edition Guide. The locations for the Cyrus Pinkney Plaques are WRONG, not there. After unlocking Dr. Harleen Quinzel’s Character Trophy, the next time I turned it on, it was LOCKED again! And the nearly $40.00 Guide doesn’t tell the location of the Audio Files…unbelievable. I also pre-ordered the Lego Marvel Game with a Character Pack code that was supposed to be live at launch. It took DAYS to work. The Thor Dark World Pack that was supposed to be available at launch was not.
    I thought that companies had to give us what they advertise. Is this legal?

  • Pachekk

    I have a problem Starting the bird mission. when i head to the first mark zone of bird i am suppose to break up a fight right, well when i get there there is no fight going on just like 3 guys and thats it. it won’t let me start the bird mission…

    • Pachekk

      can anyone help me with this?

      • Pomp-Nasty

        Which platform are you using to play the game? (Playstation, PC. XBox?)

        • Pachekk


  • Ben

    I was bitterly disappointed with it. Deathstroke keeps disappearing during the fight with him. I keep having to restart and it’s the same thing. I’ve restarted the entire thing 3 times only to encounter the same problem. My system had a complete crash which was very worrying. Other bugs and glitches encountered also. I’m playing through Steam on PC but these bugs and more are being experienced on all platforms. Definitely not cool. They might need several patches before it’s all fixed. Thumbs down for WBM. They should stick to making games for the Wii.

  • dregj

    I had the godam game since Friday and its crashed, bugged ,refused to give me a new mission and just about everything else it can possibly do
    hows about a patch for the xbox?

  • Cuffy

    There’s a glitch with disarming the train station bomb, where you have to charge a generator to allow the elevator rise, but even after doing this the elevator doesn’t move and nothing else happens.

    • Mitch Yarberry

      Same here playing on PC through Steam.

  • 1The_Public1

    Stuck in Hatter’s River. Keep hitting space! On 11th restart, maybe next one is going to do it.

  • Azkatov

    PS3 version:
    I removed the 1.01 patch and frame rates are much much better now. I’m not going to reinstall this patch until the new one is out.

    Other issues –
    1. Mobs throwing stuff at you while they’re outside camera view. In previous Arkhams, as long they’re outside the camera view they don’t throw crates/boxes/extinguishers at you.
    2.Camera angles are annoying during fights, always had to readjust with analogue stick, had no problems with previous arkhams.
    3. Mobs from a distance talks too loud while batman is either having a conversation with someone via radio or listening to what enigma/alfred/joker etc had to say.
    4. Square and Triangle (destroy weapons) does not work, I have obtained this skill set already.
    5. Batman intermittently jumps up onto balcony after grapple,in previous arkhams you can choose to hold x to jump up, else batman should be able to just hang on side of balcony.
    6. I don’t think grappling enemies off balcony works, I’ve tried a few times, maybe not close to balcony enough.Haven’t really investigated.
    7. Blade dodge counter doesn’t work, only works in challenge mode. I can dodge but cannot counter. Either I suck, but I used to be very good at this in arkham city.
    8. The milestones eg worst nightmare and other categories, seems you have to do them in order otherwise it wont move up the ladder.

  • rambutan

    1) I can’t fight Deadshot. I got the message about the S.O.S., but he never showed up on the MW list. Already beat the story, so…is it too late to fight him?
    2) I can’t walk into My Alibi. The door glows orange in detective mode, but it’s locked. Does this mean I can’t fight Bird?
    3) Fast travel/cutscenes have crashed my game so many times at this point.
    4) The “break weapon” special move doesn’t seem to work. That’s annoying.

  • spatlong

    I have the XBOX version and when I was fighting Deadshot I defeated all the henchman and was beating him when he melded with the stairs and now he is gone, but it still shows that I have to confront him in the bank. When I go back in the bank the hostage is there,but no one else. Anyone else have this problem?

    • dregj

      had the problem with copper head ,the gotham sewers and others I had to start over many times oh dear
      im also saving a copy of the save files separately on a flash drive just encase I get auto saved in a black abyss like has happened many time every time I restart the I can restart from a while back but do not have to replay the whole game again like im stuff in the late 80s playing a sega or something

  • Pomp-Nasty

    The game has slowly been building a stronger and stronger feeling of annoyance within me the longer I play. I own the ps3 version of the game and along with the frame rate issue, the camera seems to be working against me when I go into a fight sequence not allowing me to see enemies at certain angles, leaving me open to annoying offscreen attacks. When I leveled up my “blade dodge takedown”, I was unable to fully complete the the “Combat Training: Counter Expert” portion of the game, as if the game didn’t register I was doing the requested “blade-dodge” it was asking for simply because my blade dodge was upgraded (I hope this last sentence made sense to people who play the game). Other than the obvious multiplayer issues the game has, I am an avid Batman fan, and still thoroughly enjoy the game, especially the multiplayer.

    • Millicay

      had the same problem with the blade dodge takedown, just pull away and hold y without letting go between punches, and it will dodge instead of doing the takedown.

  • Enigma

    My game has completely glitched at the final Bane boss fight! Whenever I load the save, Batman is just falling through gray emptiness for about 30 seconds before dying. (Even though he still talks to Alfred and stuff as he falls) It’s SO annoying because I spent so long getting that far and I’m really close to the end! It’s such a shame because other than the glitches, the game is awesome… A patch is needed as soon as possible!

    • Dark Knight

      im at the same point in the game and it is doing the exact same thing!!!!! Please someone do something about this!

      • ninjamonkey2182

        I’m having the same problem but I already beat the game and I was going through doing some of the challenges. This sucks