Assassin’s Creed 4 PS4 Vs PS3 graphics may shock you

By Alan Ng - Dec 13, 2013

This week is the mother of all weeks if you are a Battlefield 4 or Assassin’s Creed 4 fan. Both games are launching this week and now we have an Assassin’s Creed 4 PS4 Vs PS3 graphics insight for you to check out. For those debating whether to wait until the next-gen version is out, you may be slightly shocked with the outcome.

We have all been impressed by the PS4 gameplay trailers of Asssassin’s Creed 4 that Ubisoft has put out in the build-up to launch, but now is the deciding moment when you get to witness what the game looks like directly without any potential behind the scenes editing taking place.

Users have been able to pick up the PS3 version of the game early and one of those is YouTuber RajmanGaming, who has uploaded an excellent PS4 Vs PS3 comparison for you which we’ve included below. It shows the game running side by side on the two consoles, showing the same scenes and an up-close look at how the textures vary between the two engines.

On first glance, it actually looks like the PS3 version stands up with the next-gen copy very well. While this is obviously very good news for those not planning to upgrade to a PS4 yet, what has happened to the mind-blowing PS4 graphics that we have been seeing in these gameplay videos?

Other gamers seem to be in mutual agreement that the PS3 version looks very good here against the PS4, so should we be actually calling Ubisoft out on a below-par PS4 version in the graphics department? It will be interesting to see how this develops.

Could you even say that GTA V on PS3 looks better than Assassin’s Creed 4 on PS4? Take a look at the graphics comparisons below and give us your reaction to what gamers have been saying about this.

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  • GameProfessor

    Be aware that AC4 was originally developed as an PS3 game, then they add some coating when PS4 is announced to make a next-gen version. Hence all the graphic assets, models,… are from the PS3. This explains the minor difference between 2 versions. Most of the upgraded are only with cosmetic effects.

    • Heiny

      At first I would agree with you… But how come a machine that can do 1.8TF, vs 0.2TF still be plaguing with 900p(which will be fixed though, but why not immedeately) and only be running at 30fps?

      I myself can only blame Ubisoft for this though and say that the small differences are ridiculous.

      • Jason

        A pc that can do 2.5TF FX8320+7870 can max the game out at 1080p 45fps+

  • Ray Delien

    It looks like the actual skin of the characters are rendered similarly, but the clothes, water, wood and just about every other texture that I see are higher quality by a pretty big magnitude. As far as comparing it to other games, (as much as I liked GTA-V) that is a little unfair in my opinion. Tell me one other entertainment medium where it is fair to compare law and order to Pirates of the Caribbean.

    I am waiting for the PC version to come out, it cannot look worse.

  • Ali Zaidi

    what u guys missed out here is tht its a pre rendered cut scene(not much difference here other than ps3 version being a little blurry) if u wanna see difference see in game graphics. I just saw a ps3/xbox360 walkthrough and it looks disappointing compared to what we have been seeing for past few months(next gen) so just wait a few weeks and then we will talk about next gen and this gen difference….

    • Ray Delien

      Agreed, even in this example the textures (ocean / wood / rope / metal) are all MUCH more detailed. Maybe some are looking at this on a phone or vga screen, but on my 32″ 1080P (and trained eye) there is a big difference in the two videos.

  • Ta’i Ngatokorua

    Really? It’s still early stages and this is not at all the console’s fault. It’s Ubisoft people should be hating on if anything. They’re the ones responsible for whether or not they want to do a good version for the next-gen. Just look at killzone SF, that game looks absolutely beautiful. But hey, think what you want to think.


    So not worth the change, my ps3 works great and ps4 doesn’t play ps3 games which sucks, If everybody is all hyped up for the ps4 graphic colors, your crazy, Keep your ps3 and just adjust your tv settings, VERY SIMPLE

  • Xmen

    cause the gen is a new for the developing gaming firms it well take a while to handle it as the same happened with the last generations of consoles. so be patience people.;).

  • Cymru

    The graphics aren’t a huge difference for most people. The PS4 version is much more detailed to me (water, distance, lighting). Probably not worth buying a PS4 over but since I’ve already got other games I’m looking forward to on that system *cough* Infamous *cough* I’ll hold off on buying AC4 ’till the PS4 version comes out. It is seriously murder watching everyone else play this game though… I’m so jealous :<

  • Brandon LeBaron

    These changes are not worth 400 bones. Next gen’s got a lot of work to do.

  • Joel Gill

    The differences are very subtle, but I expect a true divergence to occur within a year, as the new PS4 hardware will be able to handle much more.

  • ljals

    If you watch the video in 1080p there is a very noticeable difference actually. The water is much crisper and has better depth of field going back to the tree line (which is also much clearer in the ps4 version), the shadowing of the trees on the water is present in ps4 and no where to be found in the ps3 version, and many places the details are much more fine. The edging is done way better and there are a good amount of differences. Considering this is a multi-platform game, I say there are great things to come from the ps4. IMO this video alone looks good enough to impress me and buy.

  • jjjgfhbgjmgt

    LMAO! Next-GEN, who in the world would pay $400 for a console to play the same version of a game as the last one. Better off sticking with the PS3! They look so identical, I felt like I was watching a PS3 vs 360 comparison. LOL

    • Ta’i Ngatokorua

      I did pay for next-gen. This is not even a good representation of the console’s graphical power -_- I also like how you assume next-gen is all about graphics and nothing else.

  • TheinsanegamerN

    ummmm…mabye the reason they look so similar is because the game is running on an engine designed for current gen hardware? it isnt that hard to figure that a game made for current gen systems wont look much better on newer systems..
    even so, the ps4 version seems to be crisper and less blurry. and the backgrounds look much better.

    • monarchco

      obvious the engine is just a port.
      The “blurry and crispy” part however, that’s just phenomena that current gen hardware has had it’s limits being maxed for quite some time.

  • Arch Angel Melchi

    Don’t know whether graphics are improved in PS4, or skin colour just looks darker

    • Noah Day

      look at the sea at 30 seconds in. It seems to me that they are cutting details on the less noticeable things like the sea and sky, not the things that matter as much like the people.

  • Mopo

    I thought the PS3 held up just as well. When a cut scene is playing, I usually look away to take a bite of my sandwich anyway.

  • Blake Campbell

    PS3 doesn’t compare to PS4 graphics much at all, not sure where this article got that from. Detail is MUCH better on PS4. PS3 looks blurry in comparison.

    • monarchco

      Good job fabricating something fanboy.

  • Ninjavu

    Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh in what way does the PS3 hold up? The PS4 is crushing the PS3 version in detail. Maybe get a clue

  • Guillaume Joannette

    I’m very satisfied with the PS4 version and now glad I decided to wait for it 2 more weeks. It’s not mind blowing obviously since it’s a port of an older gen game, I can wait for AC5 for true mind blow, since it’ll probably be a dedicated next gen title. Still here PS4 version is at least 5x better looking than PS3 and has an amazing framerate in comparision.

  • f1kido

    just compare them you can the effects are loads better on ps4 look at the cloth shadows water wood effects loads loads better ps4

  • Brandon Asuna Perry

    ok i can instantly tell that the water effects are wayyyyy wayyyy better,,,,the shadowing is alot more depth even the most tiny of parts have shadows the detail in the guys clothes an face were ALOT more sharper sure its gonna be like what they did with the start of ps3 where they just put the latest ps2 games onto the ps3 but it still looks better in a way an just from this gameplay footage i can tell that its similar but they have improved it in parts! everyones expecting fullout graphics on the ps4 but you cant just expect that, they are gonna have to build up to that point like they did with the ps3

  • JTrip

    ” If you expecting day one games to be the best graphics wise on the ps4 then you are a bit naïve”
    Most people are expecting it to look like it did in the game play trailers. A little bit of false advertising I’d say. No wonder the delayed Watch Dogs for several months. Ubisoft has really dropped the ball lately. At least they got Rocksmith 2014 right.

  • harris

    PS3 early graphics were poor. It took a few years to max out what could be done, and the latest games look really good on PS3. If you expecting day one games to be the best graphics wise on the ps4 then you are a bit naïve. It will take time to max it out. I’m guessing AC4 has been ported over to the ps4? We will only see the truly great stuff when the PS4 is the console used to make the game.

  • Connor

    Wow, just the sheer difference in water quality is incredible.

    • Kevin

      I think it looks like a filter effect to trash talk the PS4. Who’s to say the Youtube video was not edit or altered also.

      • Bob Johnson Smithman

        Simply increasing sharpness and contrast can make any video look more realistic. But you can see here, the water behaves in different ways. PS3 – big waves, blurred. PS4 – smaller waves, lots of reflective and shadow details. Also look at the detail of the boat’s timber rails, much crisper and more detailed on PS4, something you can’t get from simple video editing.