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Xbox One 720p war on top of OS, Xbox Live rumors

If you have been following the interesting Xbox One 720p vs PS4 resolutions debate, you’ll probably be finding out for the first time that some launch games won’t be at the highest resolution as you initially thought. On top of this unsettled issue, we’re also hearing of some potential problems regarding the Xbox One OS and Xbox Live.

While the likes of Forza 5 looks amazing running at 1080p and 60FPS, it has now been heavily reported that Call of Duty Ghosts and Battlefield 4 on Xbox One won’t be able to run at 1080p. We have already had an apparent confirmation from IGN that the PS4 version of COD Ghosts will be running at 1080p, thanks to some recent gameplay that you can check out here.

Now, we point you in the direction of a very interesting blog courtesy of Pete Dodd. This man claims to have close sources from inside the gaming industry and he has written a rather eye-catching article on the current state of Microsoft’s Xbox One OS.

According to his post, Microsoft are having problems with the OS, issues that may not be fixed up for ‘months’, rather than weeks. These alleged issues include connectivity with Xbox Live, ‘dropping people from parties’ when switching between applications and ‘friends requests not working’.

On top of that, here is an apparent quote taken from one of his sources in relation to a potential reason for these alleged problems:

“The system OS and network integration was written by a group of people who do not play games. They don’t understand why things were set up in the ways they were designed by J Allard back in ’05.”

Remember that these are only rumors which we are informing you of. There is no guarantee that what we are hearing here from Pete Dodd is accurate, but we felt you should be aware of what is going on through the grapevine.

Presuming the information is accurate, what is your reaction to everything that is mentioned? Would you be very surprised if Microsoft are having problems with their OS and Xbox Live, considering what we have seen so far has been very positive?

Is this a much bigger problem than the Xbox One 720p game rumors? Stay tuned for an update on this.



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