Pokemon X and Y Shiny Pokemon easier with waiter tip

By Alan Ng - Oct 28, 2013

If you are currently wondering what to do with Pokemon X and Y after completing the game, allow us to dish the dirt on the new craze that is currently sweeping the game. Shiny Pokemon are secretly hidden in the game, allowing your existing Pokemon to be transformed with an entirely new and amazing new color theme.

We have seen videos showing Shiny versions of Pokemon such as mega Gengar and mega Gyrados. They look amazing on screen, but unfortunately the method of obtaining one is not as straight-forward. If you were looking for a challenge, Game Freak has certainly issued one by giving players the task of obtaining every single Shiny Pokemon in X and Y.

Having said that, it looks like a potential Shiny Pokemon guide has been discovered, allowing you to increase the odds of finding a Shiny Pokemon in X and Y. It hasn’t been confirmed yet, but the waiter found in cafes can be tipped after you complete his challenges of beating his Pokemon in a specific number of rounds.

This tip is now thought to be linked to the odds of encountering a shiny Pokemon, so you may want to go ahead and tip him 10,000 Poke dollars if you are rolling in cash. The videos we have included below will give you more information on this which you require, whilst also giving you a glimpse of a shiny Skiddo proving that Shiny Pokemon are in fact a real thing in the game.

Many gamers were wondering what the waiter tip does in the first place, but has it improved your chances of finding a Shiny Pokemon? Let us know how you are getting on with this secret quest – how many Shiny Pokemon have you found and how much did you tip the waiter?

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  • FabulousFoil

    I have always tipped the waiters 1,000 since the very start of the game and have found 17 shiny pokemon. about 6 of these are from the friend safari’s while the other 11 are from horde battles alone (from EV training pokemon, granted I’ve probably EV trained like 30 pokemon using horde battles) but I almost always find one or multiple after tipping. Like once I was doing to triple battles to raise a couple pokemons’ levels to 70 (I probably battled like 7-10 times), well, a little while later I started EV training some other pokemon and within that time I caught 2 shiny foongus (within fifteen minutes of the other). although I think it increases your chance by a percentage amount in a limited time range, like say within 24 hours. Because if I EV train before doing the battle rounds to raise the levels I haven’t found shinies. But afterwards I’ve found them. It might just be a coincidence but so far I’m a believer in tipping. I don’t go out and hunt for shinies (except for a few friend safari ones I’ve searched for). However, there is also the chance that horde battles increase shiny encounter rates tremendously. Really we’ll never know unless GF straight up tells us or some hacking japanese dude translates the code entirely.

  • kenan123

    i have never tipped in the whole game and ive gotten 2 boxes fully of shinys no cheats no cloning just straight out hunting.

  • defensivebastiodon

    I tipped 1,000 dollars every time I go into Le Wow to level up and grind for cash. I went to Masuda Method an Oshawott and got a shiny the first egg. Apparently it does help a little. I’ve only found my shinies after tipping a certain amount.

  • Auto Nono Miss

    Lol, getting a shiny is based entirely on luck (Probability). Don’t expect to get a guaranteed shiny just because you tipped. Some people are just really lucky to run into a lot.

  • Anomous

    i never find the waiter but i always tip everyone at least $1000 everytime and still no freaking shiny -_-

  • tiffany

    I never tip and got 5 shinies

  • Nebula

    I almost never tip and I’ve found two shinies

  • Trainah

    I’ve found 7 shinies so far and never really paid attention to the tips I gave to waiters, I gave $100 tips sometimes, a few times $1000 but often times I gave nothing so I really really don’t think this has anything to do with it. I DO believe I must be doing something different since I didn’t cheat to get those 7 shinies, they just appeared! I DUNNO WHAT I’M DOING!

  • Gamer

    Any luck for anyone trying this?

  • whatareyoueven

    is this article a joke? I love when things are so out of touch. “WHOA CRAZY NEW THING PEOPLE FOUND” Except shiny pokemon are 14 years old and have been around since 1999. But yeah wonderful new crazy,

  • digital

    gonna try it,wish me luck.3ds fc 1177-7380-9125

    • ArteX


  • normalhumanbeing

    Horrible misleading and a complete waste of time, i hope this site gets ddosed