Pokemon X and Y shiny mega Gengar, Gyrados unleashed

By Alan Ng - Oct 28, 2013

Earlier on this week we unveiled to you that your Pokemon X and Y campaign wouldn’t be over so quickly, thanks to the reveal of shiny Pokemon. Now, we have evidence that you can get mega shiny Pokemon in X and Y as well – mega shiny Gengar and mega shiny Gyrados are just examples of the excitement that awaits the most hardcore of Pokemon trainers.

If you haven’t heard, shiny Pokemon is now the new craze that is getting Pokemon X and Y owners very excited. Some gamers new to the franchise were wondering what would happen after completing Pokemon X and Y but now Game Freak has given the answer to everyone – find as many shiny Pokemon in X and Y as you can and be the envy of all your friends in the process.

As far as we know, nobody has a full set yet as it remains very difficult to catch a single shiny Pokemon, with players not able to spot one in a gaming session for weeks on end. As we look forward to unraveling the mystery of these elusive new types of Pokemon, we now have videos to show you confirming that popular Pokemon such as mega Gengar and mega Gyrados can also be found with a new shiny form.

First up is shiny mega Gengar which we have pictured above – what a sight to behold too, don’t you agree? The shiny version of Gengar is nothing special, but just wait until you use a Gengarite, the white color scheme is beautiful.

Next we have shiny mega Gyrados to show you, which again is another lovely design from the Game Freak team. If you thought mega Gyrados was imposing in blue, just wait until you see the creature in its new sparkling red form – good luck trying to obtain one though.

Are you only just finding out about new shiny Pokemon in X and Y? Let us know which shiny Pokemon you have already caught and who you are currently after at the moment.

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  • Me

    I lost my Shiny Wooper from the Safari Zone when my game save was corrupted…if only PokeBank had come out sooner…

  • Pikachu9891

    i used the poke radar method to get a shiny furfro and i recently found a wild shiny heracross and its shiny mega is still pink looks cool though

  • eveewazHERE

    Shinies have existed for a while now…… Monochrome Pokemon are new I believe.

  • Austin


    • Austin

      I agree

  • Anonymous

    I already have a shiny Flabebe that I evolved into shiny Florges

  • sorryhadto

    Dont wanna be “that guy” but, Gyarados* it looks unprofessional when its mispelled wrong. ^^ Cheers mate.

  • Sam

    Uhhh, shiny Pokemon have existed since Generation II, so the ‘new craze’ is actually over a decade old lol.

    • NgTurbo

      It’s the best thing to do in the game now if you have completed it! Which shiny Pokemon do you have Sam?

  • Itriedtoreadthenewstoday

    Seems akward to give such a challenge no? “Game Freak has given the answer to everyone – find every single shiny
    Pokemon in X and Y and be the envy of all your friends in the process.” I hope this author will stop making things up, its evidently obvious from reading his posts he hasnt played the game. Anyone person interested in the topic should first understand it is impossible to get all the pokemon shiny this is not a goal the developers had for the game, they are meant to be unique and rare, and the notion that mega evolutions being shinys as news is quiet possibly the dumbest thing ive ever heard when pokemon change form they are still the same pokemon i question the writers willingness to know anything about his topic