GTA V UK sales shocker with Tesco dominance

If you live in the UK and consider yourself a big gamer, there is a good chance that you purchased GTA V on launch day. According to recent statistics, there’s also a good chance that you chose to buy the game from UK supermarket Tesco as it appears that most other gamers did in the country.

We all know that Tesco has become a fantastic way of picking up a new game at a reduced price upon launch. We have seen it with Call of Duty and FIFA in recent years and it looks like Tesco has once again had the last laugh against retail rivals GAME in relation to Rockstar’s latest effort.

It may seem slightly harsh on specialists GAME, but then again consumers are always looking for the best price regardless of brand loyalty and have been unhappy with GAME’s high prices for quite some time. Tesco meanwhile show no signs of slowing down their growing game sales monopoly.

It’s just been confirmed that out of GTA V’s overall sales in the UK, Tesco were accountable for 1/3 of them. That is quite staggering when you think about it, considering that GAME are specialists and Tesco are predominantly a supermarket selling food – but with games on side as an extra little earner.

Then again, if Tesco were selling GTA V at launch for £38, compared to GAME who were selling for around £42, it almost becomes a no brainer for those that could use the extra £4 to buy treats for the all night sessions.

We want you to get in touch with us on this: Where did you buy your copy of GTA V in the UK and how much did you end up paying? Would you agree that a cheaper price wins out against brand loyalty on this occasion?



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