GTA V Online car glitch before 1.05 update for $25m

By Alan Ng - Oct 28, 2013

Are you still having problems earning money in GTA V? As most of you know, Rockstar are trying to convince players that buying GTA cash cards with real money is the best way forward. Naturally, most of you disagree after the 1.04 update income cut and are now turning to various GTA V Online glitches in order to score some free cash.

As most of you will be aware though, this isn’t really an ideal way of making money as usually when Rockstar discovers that a glitch has been found, it will be removed in the next patch. That update is going to be 1.05 and could also contain the missing $500,000 stimulus package that Rockstar will release as a way of apology for the recent issues.

It’s simply not enough cash though for some disgruntled gamers, including one particular user who has managed to find a way to sell cars to make a whopping $25 million per hour. The video we have included below shows the process necessary and it involves buying up all parts possible for a car, selling the motor, pausing the game and then quickly switching to another character and repeating the process.

The author claims that this method is still working in the game and can generate $25 million in an hour if done correctly. The method does look a bit tedious though and we’ve already heard complaints from some GTA players saying that this particular way of making money has been patched up.

However, if you are completely out of money and are getting desperate, you may want to give this a go before patch 1.05 arrives. Let us know how you get on, or if you want to share any other easier ways of making cash that hasn’t been affected by Rockstar’s recent changes.

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  • Monkeyvegas

    Doesn’t work properly as it loses all your mods and it’s not worth doing it by time you add all mod costs on

  • This definitely doesn’t get you 25mil an hour. But there is a glitch that works in a similar way where you can sell a car for any amount. It works with my fully customized Adder and sells for 209k each time.

  • Arley

    was there a patch today?

  • LovinGTAV

    Still working but you have to wait if you have recently sold one. Keep checking back and start the process as soon as it lets you sell a car. Could also skip the selling car step and switch character to “reset” the clock on car sales.

    Hope this helps

  • Anonymous

    does anyone have an idea when the patch is coming out? because i heard it was meant to be a couple of days ago but they ended up delaying it because of more problems recently that the game is facing now.

  • pregotuna

    it keeps saying that they don’t need any cards right now

  • Harry

    Thanks worked amazing gonna be rich 😀

  • mike

    motorcycle glitch works perfectly.. 50k every 30 seconds.. w00t

  • Brandon Steward-Davis

    love it so much bought high end apartmnt

    • Keith

      I hope you didn’t buy the most expensive one. All the high end apartments are exactly the same

      • gta cheats/glitches fan

        don’t really see worth in apartments just purchased 6 car garage, and just leveling up so i can buy a buzzard tank and hopefully jet lazer in future, what can u really do in an apartment expensive or not lol.

  • Roger

    It works but it puts me back in my apartment even when spawn location is set to last place

    • helper

      go into the mod shop respray or do something in the shop and leave and enter again, doing so will secure your last location was outside the mod shop then you spawn again outside it.

  • Joe Fothergill

    made $10 mill using this method already using fully modded franklin’s buffalo

    • playing gta only due to glitch

      lampadis give around 104k every time fully modded both of them and there are couple of ballas SUVs that giver around 102k i think.

      • Joe Fothergill

        franklin’s buffalo pays out 129k when fully modded

        • didn’t know of this car

          what was the price for an unmodded buffalo?

  • Mike

    Maybe i did something wrong, but it definitely sold the car and spawned me without a car and now it says they dont need any cars

    • Joe Fothergill

      as soon as you click sell, quickly pause and go to swap character, then rinse and repeat

    • RoccRio

      put insurance and tracker on it first

    • Mike

      Thanks guys, i used my Dubsta. You get around $87,000 everytime if it is maxed out on everything. Awsome Vid. Thanks

      • gta online temp. addict

        fully modded lampadi, lampadi gt, ballas modern and classic give around 104k each time, look for them fullying modding cost about 150k only which is recovered in 2 glitch usage

  • King 0f Chrome

    Still works! Just make sure you’re spawn location is set to “Last Location” via the in game online-options menu. Switch to campaign then back to multiplayer and you should spawn in or near LSC in your vehicle.

    • P3zWeAreLegion

      doesnt mate..just did it without spawn loacation set as last got another car done it up but wont let me sell it now as they dont need any cars at the moment

    • P3zWeAreLegion

      its working for me now

  • Ashley Matthews

    You don’t get banned, no one has. Which is the reason I have 30million and so do many of my friends

  • Paul

    This method works for the PS3 still at the moment. I don’t know about making $25m per hour though, but you will make a few million out of it.

    • can’t play gta without cheats

      honestly u need about 30mill really to use everything the gta game will dish out including any future releases (like submarine, hangar or jet lazer) so i think I would stop at about 25-30mil

  • DT6

    this will get you banned 3 of my friends got banned and i accepted money from someone who did this and i almost got banned. DON’T DO IT

    • m k

      Riiight… How did you “almost” get banned? Liar.

  • Aaron Carroll

    I have done this but I don’t receive the car back.. it does give me the money but not the car.. what’s wrong.?

    • qqqdqw

      Sometimes this happens… Your car will be in your garage though.
      Keep trying it, as it should put you in your car.

    • glitch mishap victim

      this happened to me once in like 85-90 times i tried so i reckon best idea would be find double of best selling car (lampadi, lamp gt, ballas modern or classic) and store them so incase this happens u just use the other one also dont ever buy a car even the non prem cars need to be found or glitch wont work

  • Mal09

    how do you update??? I have a ps3