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Forza 5 Paddock Edition list of cars untouched

The release date for Forza Motorsport 5 is approaching as fast as Sebastian Vettel can go around an F1 circuit, and even though we are so close that has not stopped Polygon from offering some news details, along with a new addition to the family, the Paddock Edition.

The new Forza Motorsport 5 Paddock Edition is special in the way that there will be just 3,000 copies of this version on sale, which you can already pre-order here.

You will need to be a hard-core fan of the series, as the price of this latest Forza 5 Limited Edition version is $120. Included in the bundle is a FM hoodie, valve stem caps, steel water bottle, a key chain and a pair of sunglasses. You might notice there is something missing, and that is the game itself.

Polygon and its wisdom want you to shell out another $80 for Forza 5 Limited Edition. This means for the complete package you will have to pay $200. However, you will get the day one Car Pack, along with the Limited Edition Car Pack for good measure.

We find it strange why you have to pay so much for this new edition, you would have assumed there would see the Forza 5 car list increase, but to see the car count untouched is like a huge slap in the face for those loyal to the franchise.



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