COD Ghosts zombies hopes with Extinction

If you were dreaming of a Call of Duty Ghosts zombie mode coming to the game similar to what Treyarch brought us with Black Ops 2, it looks like Infinity Ward has firmly answered those dreams. Call of Duty Ghosts Extinction Mode has just been unveiled and it actually looks like a great deal of fun.

Think futuristic alien invasion movie-type scenarios and that looks like what is going to be the main flavor with Extinction. This brand new mode is a four-player survival co-op mode and we’re guessing it is going to be available in both offline and online with your friends.

We’ve just watched the debut trailer and we think it looks great. Obviously the graphics are a bit questionable, but there’s no word on which version has been used to unveil Extinction – it couldn’t be PC or next-gen surely?

Game details are slim at the moment, so expect to see a full reveal from Infinity Ward soon. We do know it is going to be a horde type of mode, so if you love zombies on Black Ops you are probably going to get very addicted to Extinction aliens as well.

We’re guessing that players will be able to use all kinds of futuristic weaponry to take down the aliens, while it also looks like the aliens will come in different classes and have different abilities as well. Imagine if you will be able to become the aliens vs players when playing online with friends? That would be an awesome sight to see.

What is your reaction to Call of Duty Ghosts Extinction mode? Do you love it, or will you stick with zombies?



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