Call of Duty Ghosts camos list and maps illustrated

With the release date for Call of Duty Ghost moving ever closer it is now that we start to see a few more gems being leaked, with the latest being the camos list and maps. Every year when a new CoD title is released fans of the franchise are eager to learn about these two subjects, and this year is no different.

We can tell you that the Call of Duty Ghosts features 13 camos in total, which we have illustrated for you above, thanks to GearNuke. The Camos are as follows, Autumn, Caustic, Crocodile, Brush, Gold, Green, Ocean, Net, Red, Scale, Snow, Trail and Woodland.

While this news will be of interest to fans of the Call of Duty franchise, we are sure you are more interested in the CoD Ghosts maps. There are 11 in all, and the images of these can be seen from the source above.

It is hard to choose which will be a fan favorite, but we know with certainty that they will all have something unique and special to offer gamers.

The excitement level with Call of Duty Ghosts multiplayer is sure to be even greater this year, as there will be a huge percentage of gamers aiming to flood the servers while playing on a next-gen console. It is the hope that the emersion will be far greater than that of the current-gen systems, but we will have to wait another year before developers will fully understand the new PS4 and the Xbox One.



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