Bitstrips app for iPad experiences issues

By Daniel Chubb - Oct 28, 2013

The Bitstrips app for iPad has reached success other developers can only dream about and when combined with users on iPhone, Android and iPod touch it is clear the demand might create a few problems. This is exactly what happened over the last week following the launch of the Bitstrips app, and Product Reviews received feedback from iPad users in relation to server overloads and other connection issues.

If you use Facebook then you might have seen a few cartoon messages created with the Bitstrips app, which would likely be from one of the mobile devices using the application. While Facebook has been hit hard with cartoons created in the Bitstrips app, we should point out this program had been a success in schools for a number of months previously.

Within the last week we reported the Bitstrips app went live for iPad owners and the latest update detailed fixes to a number of problems. Following this update, it seems that the release notes didn’t include other issues being experienced that seem to be tied to its overwhelming success.

Cartoon made with Bitstrips app about iPad

Cartoon made with Bitstrips app about iPad

The Bitstrips app ratings are crashing on iTunes and this is thanks to a number of problems that include server overloads, freezes, crashing, and other issues. “I start the Bitstrips app on my iPad, then it crashes after I click male”, said one commenter. Another added, “most of the comics are not working for me and I get a server overload message followed my freezing. I will be deleting this app off my iPhone now, what a shame as I really wanted to use the Bitstrips app”.

In our first article about the Bitstrips app you will notice some problems being reported in the comments. “The Bitstrips app has been down all weekend for me and it fails to work on both my Galaxy S2 and iPad mini”, said one Product Reviews reader.

Have you been enjoying the Bitstrips app on iPhone, iPad or Android devices or have you been plagued with problems? Share a comment below if you have tried to use the Bitstrips app and run into any problems, also let us know what device you have been using.

We noted previously the Bitstrips app for Android seems to receive a lot of positive feedback, so it is strange why so many iOS users are running into problems with the comic app that has become really popular with Facebook users.

You can see the Bitstrips login for schools here and we have already heard about people demanding the application on Windows Phone along with an option to login without Facebook being demanded by some. Again, let us know what you love and hate about this popular cartoon application.

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  • Jenny Henry

    Some of my avatars do not load, I go through facebook, on ipad

  • Guest

    it crashes on my ipod touch whenever i lick the gender type

  • GlobalGirlSFO

    It’s frozen on my Note 3 and iPad.

  • Laura

    It crashes on my ipad…disappointed

  • Peter Gibson

    iPad crash!!!

  • Pinklady328

    Crashes on my iPad after I click female!

    • Disgruntled

      Same on my iPod Touch.

      • steve

        same here on my Ipod Touch running iOS 6.1.3

  • Craig you ugly guy

    I try to load it, and get a white screen, and that’s it

    • Mims

      Same here

  • Barrie Walker

    Can’t log in

  • Suzie

    doesnt let me sign on with facebook says error

  • smyth

    nothing but log on problems galaxy amp android, and ipad mini..all weekend and all day today…