AIRO wristband is latest real-time health monitor

Keeping fit has been made much easier thanks to a handful of wearable fitness devices, and if you thought the market had already started to flood, then be prepared because more is on the way. The latest is the AIRO wristband, but how will this make it stand-out against the ever-growing competition?

That question is answered when looking at the video that goes over the AIRO wristband features, as it comes with real-time monitoring, making this health monitor a must-have for those who live a busy yet healthy life.

We should not confuse AIRO with other wristbands though, such as the Fitbit Force because this tracks things a little differently. Not only will it keep track of when you exercise, but also your nutrition, stress and sleep levels.

One feature of the AIRO wearable device that stands out to us is when it believes your stress levels are a little high and then sends you a message alert offering advice on how to reduce your stress level.

The price for the AIRO is $149 and looks as though it could be a great fashion accessory as well. You can pre-order the device now.



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