GTA V online 1.05 patch reactions cultivates wishlist

There is no denying that GTA V Online has been a huge success, but then again we expected nothing different. However, that is not saying the multiplayer version of Rockstar’s new game is without its problems, as there are plenty of issues. However, these should be resolved with the 1.0.5 patch once it is released.

The GTA Online patch brought with it several fixes, but players have been expressing their feelings about what else Rockstar need to do to improve Grand Theft Auto 5 Online.

Some of the reasons in regard to GTA V online problems has produced a rather good wishlist for 1.05 patch, so let us hope that Rockstar is listening, as it is clear Product Reviews readers would like to see these implemented.

We’ve seen concerns such as ”why do my friends leave all of a sudden,” to the ongoing message of “No Rockstar server cloud available” keep appearing. Lighting strike bolts were removed in the last patch, so we are not surprised to see people asking for “Lighting strike bolts to be returned.”

One wanted new feature with the next GTA 5 online patch sounds interesting, as one of our readers has asked for the ability to purchase any vehicle that is available within the game. The thought of buying a Buzzard or submersibles does sound rather appealing.

However, the biggest feature that appears on the wishlist is heists in the GTA V online 1.05 update, which we have elaborated more on in a recent article. These are just a few ideas, but what would do you desire with the next patch?



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