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BBM for Android vs iOS with dodgy user reviews

Have you downloaded BBM for Android yet on a tablet device? It’s now available for free after a long and pain inducing wait, with attention now switching to reviews on how the BBM app is fairing with regards to Android vs iOS user reviews.

If you are very happy with the BBM for Android download so far, you may have been inclined to leave a positive review over at the official Google Plus page. However, it has become aware that the Google Plus review page for the BBM app has also been flooding up with what has now been perceived to be ‘fake’ reviews.

You can check out the dodgy activity yourself which has even prompted the BlackBerry team to make a statement. Have a look at the page in the link and see the image above – many reviews simply say the same thing over and over, thanking the BlackBerry team and that it features a “really great user friendly and smooth”.

These five star reviews have not gone unnoticed and BlackBerry has said that they do not condone the actions and have no idea of how they were created or populated. At the moment though it appears to be getting out of control, with the review page showing no sign of slowing down with the amount of similar reviews that are popping up.

Over on iTunes, there doesn’t appear to be any signs of the same activity going on. BlackBerry now has a potential problem on their hands if the fake user reviews persist, as we’ve seen in previous history that companies such as Samsung have even been fined for intentionally posting positive reviews, although this obviously looks to be the work of a BlackBerry and Android super fan who is just performing this operation for personal amusement.

Have you seen the activity over at the BBM app page for Android? Let us know if you think BBM for Android is worthy of a five star rating.



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