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2013 MacBook Pro, problems so far

The 2013 MacBook Pro comes with some great new features, such as an improved version of the Haswell chip and all-new Iris graphics. There are also several other features that are more noticeable, such as a thinner, lighter design. The refresh also has one other benefit, a clean install of OS X Mavericks, but it is not without its problems.

We have already looked at several Mac OS X Mavericks problems, so we thought we would see what sort of issues the MacBook Pro 2013 refresh has.

The 2013 MacBook Pro problems with its performance seems to be generating some interest on Apple Discussions, as some users are saying the new machine will often hang and become unresponsive. One user has said that they have had two issues where their system would freeze.

The 2013 MacBook Pro already has its problems
The 2013 MacBook Pro already has its problems

The MacBook Pro problem with the 2013 model seems to cause the keyboard and trackpad to stop responding, and two hardware problem tests have not found any issues.

We are told that the system itself is fine for some of these affected users, as apps and the overall system works, it seems to just be the keyboard.

From reading the comments on Apple Discussions, it does not seem like an issue with the system at all, but rather a 2013 MacBook Pro problem with the keyboard, and in some instances the mouse as well. It is not known if it is a hardware or software problem, and Apple has yet to issue a statement.

However, while we wait for Apple to address this issue, we would suggest you perform an SMC rest, which you can do so by following these instructions.



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