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OS X Mavericks features overview in 4 minutes

Have you managed to get the free OS X Mavericks download yet? Apple has completely surprised everyone by giving away Mavericks for free compared to previous releases of the software. Now, we have a useful video for you to take a quick look at, giving a brief overview of Mavericks features for those that want to know what is fresh compared to Mountain Lion.

If you haven’t installed Mavericks yet, it is very easy to do so and can be obtained here for free via Apple’s website. The Mavericks download install size is just over 5GB and it took us around an hour to download everything on a standard internet connection – obviously it will vary if you have a faster speed.

Upon installation for the first time, you’ll be asked to sign into your Apple ID in order to connect your Mac computer, with Apple’s various iCloud and iMessage services which you may not have used on desktop yet. Apple has detailed the main features that are new with the software here, but we have a short video which you may find more useful.

It’s a lot more condensed and you can see the new Mavericks features such as Maps and iBooks being used with ease. You’ll appreciate the included commentary as well, but also some useful tips such as being able to use Maps on Mavericks, and then send over any required information instantly to your mobile device for instant navigation purposes or if you have a journey planned.

How is your Mavericks experience so far? Are you enjoying the free upgrade, or do you wish you had stayed on the previous version? Feel free to list any Mavericks tips and tricks that you may have discovered already.



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